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The Annual Lakewood Arts Festival Has Something For Everyone

Marie DiTomas of Lyndhurst is a regular visitor to the Lakewood Arts Festival.

Looking for the perfect vase to complement your new dining room table? Or, perhaps a framed print reminiscent of that trip to Tuscany might grace your wall? Maybe you’re looking for a new bracelet or earrings? You’ll find all this and more at the 37th annual Lakewood Arts Festival on Saturday, August 2.

Located in the heart of Lakewood, the juried show offers a variety of art for sale from jewelry to photography to painting and more. Artists are selected based on the quality of work as well as the appeal of that work to a varied audience. The selection committee strives to bring a mix of artists and media to the event. More than 160 artists will exhibit their work along Detroit Road between Elmwood and Marlowe Avenues.

The festival is free and open to the public. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Musical entertainment is scheduled throughout the day and food will be available at area restaurants and from vendors.

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Volume 10, Issue 16, Posted 10:42 PM, 07.22.2014

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Gay Games Hosting Two Events in Lakewood on Aug. 16
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Lakewood Arts Festival To Be Held August 2nd
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New LHS Band Director Named
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City of Lakewood Announces that the last Saturday of each month will be Habitat for Humanity Day
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Understanding the City’s Sidewalk Strategy
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M.A.D. Art Walk, Saturday July 26th

M.A.D. Art Walk, Saturday July 26th 1-6pm

The M.A.D. Art Walk takes place on Saturday, July 26th from 1pm-6pm in the Madison Arts District (M.A.D.) located on Madison Ave. in Lakewood between Morrison Ave. & McKinley Ave.
Madison Arts District is a group of artists, galleries, boutiques & studios, who are M.A.D. about art. Because of our passion towards the arts, we work together to share our vision with others and to help beautify the community. 
Each participating business will host local artists & vendors. There will also be art demonstrations, make & take craft tables, animal groups, live music, bowling, chalk drawing, hula hooping, performing artists, psychics, good food, beer, artsy sweets, and much more.
Participants include (in order by location):
+Mahall's- 13200 Madison Ave. 
If you spend $20 at any participating M.A.D. business on the day of the art walk, bring the receipt to Mahall's, for one free bowling & shoe rental. Offer is only good July 26th. Space is limited, while supplies last.
+Beegan Architectural Design- 15703 Madison Ave. 
*Victoria Stanbridge Photography & Gallery- 15707 Madison Ave.
*Custom Picture Framing- 15723 Madison Ave.
*Crafty Goodness- 15729 Madison Ave. 
  -make & take craft table
*Goddess Blessed- 15729 Madison Ave. 
  -tarot reader 1-4pm
+Imperial Home Center- 16000 Madison Ave.
+Wed Altared- 16400 Madison Ave.
+Cuttin Loose Salon- 16600 Madison Ave.  
+Lakewood Hardware- 16608 Madison Ave. 
*Vance Music Studios- 16426 Madison Ave.
+Mama Lola's Pizzaria- 16813 Madison Ave.
+Wandering Wardrobe-
+Pet General Store- 16821 Madison Ave. 
Art Demo by James Ruby from 1-4pm
*Over the Moon Ceramic Studio- 17001 Madison Ave. 
Make & take craft tables
*Girl's Best Trend- 17007 Madison Ave. 
*the good goat gallery- 17012 Madison Ave. 
Music of Rey's Rice and Beans Band 4-6 p.m.
"Closer", the Art of Oliver App opening reception 4-10 p.m.
+Mullen's- 17014 Madison Ave.
Special goat craft beer, patio in back
*Pop Shop Gallery & Studio- 17016 Madison Ave.
+Touch Supper Food Truck (at Hanson Service's lot)- 17017 Madison Ave.
*Breakneck Gallery- 17020 Madison Ave.
Sidewalk art sale for charity & indoor vendors
*Scaravilli Design & Studio Gallery- 17113 Madison Ave. 
+AoDk Inc.- 17301 Madison Ave.
Tents with art demos
*M.A.D. Businesses
+Independent Participating Businesses

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 11:30 AM, 07.26.2014

What Comes First? Chickens, Eggs Or The Pilot Program?

The increased interest in the access to healthy, sustainable and locally sourced food is a major contributor to quality of life and, certainly, can be a deciding factor when people choose where to live. The City of Lakewood continues to nurture endeavors to bring healthy, fresh, and local foods to residents through community gardens and farmers’ markets that help to increase access to affordable, healthy and sustainably produced food and offer healthy alternatives to crops and animals raised within our modern commercial agriculture practices.

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Volume 10, Issue 16, Posted 10:42 PM, 07.22.2014

Resolution For Backyard Egg Production

An exclusive look at the proposed resolution to be presented to council.

The Cover Letter

Lakewood City Council

Council At Large

Ward Council
Re: Proposed Resolution lor Hen-Keeping Pilot Program
July 16. 2014

Dear Colleagues,

We respectfully request your consideration of the attached proposed Resolution authorizing a pilot program for hen-keeping in Lakewood. As you may know, many communities have successfully permitted their residents to own a small number of hens for personal, non-commercial use, but doing so in Lakewood is currently prohibited by our Code.

Lakewood's citizens and leaders know that access to healthy, sustainable, and locally-sourced food is a major contributor to quality of life, and can be a decisive factor when people choose where to live. Over the past several years, the City of Lakewood has continued to nurture endeavors that bring healthy, fresh, and local foods to residents' tables by supporting community gardens, organizations like L.E.A.F. (the Lakewood Earth and Food Community), the Lakewood Farmers' Market, and other great groups and programs that advocate for and provide our citizens with better food choices. This proposed Resolution is an important step toward achieving the City's broader goals of increased access to affordable, healthy and sustainably-produced food.

Additionally, the proposed Resolution to authorize a pilot program would allow the City a maximum amount of flexibility in implementing this change, while also providing a framework of guidelines upon which we can build and improve over time as we acquire both experiential knowledge, as well as the input of residents, Lakewood's planning and land-use bodies, City personnel, and other stakeholders.

We look forward to discussing this matter further and working together to make sure that Lakewood's approach to this pilot program is thoughtful, thorough, and successful.
Respectfully Submitted,

Sam O'Leary- Ward 2
Cindy Marx - at Large
Thomas R. Bullock III - at Large

BY: Bullock, Marx, O'Leary

A RESOLUTION establishing a pilot program to permit the keeping of hens in the City of Lakewood under certain conditions.

WHEREAS, it is necessary and desirable to establish a pilot program in order to study the keeping of hens in the City of Lakewood under certain conditions, with the expectation that appropriate regulations be at some point permanently codified; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to the Constitution of the State of Ohio and the Ohio Revised Code, municipalities have the power of local self-government, and the power to enact laws that are for the health, safety, welfare; now, therefore.


Section 1. Notwithstanding any ordinance or municipal regulation to the contrary, the City hereby establishes a pilot project for the keeping of female chickens ("hens," for the purposes of this legislation), under the following conditions:

A. Zoning Districts. Hens may be kept only in an Rl Residential Single-Family, R2 Residential Single- and Two-Family, or I Industrial District.

B. Application and Permit. Before the keeping of hens may occur, a permit shall have first been obtained by the Director of Public Safety. The permit application must include the following information: the name, phone number, home address and email address of the applicant; the size and location of the subject property; a proposal containing the number of hens the applicant seeks to keep on the property; a description of any coop or outdoor enclosure providing precise dimensions and the precise location of these enclosures in relation to property lines and adjacent properties, with specifications and drawings if available; a certificate showing that the applicant has taken a class in keeping backyard hens from a source approved by the Director of Public Safety; the permission of the property owner for the applicant to keep hens, if the applicant is not the owner; and the applicant's permission for any city official to enter the lot to determine whether the permit should be granted and the conditional use maintained.

C. Inspection. Within 60 days of the Director of Public Safety or his or her designee receiving the initial application, he or she shall cause the lot to be inspected. The person(s) inspecting the premises shall determine if the lot dimensions in the application are accurate; determine the feasibility of the applicant meeting the remaining criteria in this subsection; note whether any extraordinary circumstances exist, such as outstanding property citations or unsanitary property conditions, that would militate against the granting of the application; and within 30 days of the inspection determine whether the permit should be issued.

D. Personal Use; Limitations. Hens may be kept only for personal use by persons residing in the principal structure on the lot on which the hens are kept. No hens may be kept on a lot containing more than three dwelling units. Residents of no more than one dwelling unit within a structure may keep hens on that lot. No more than eight hens shall be allowed on any lot.

E. Setbacks. Coops or cages housing hens shall be kept at least 25 feet from the door or window of any dwelling or occupied structure other than the keeper's dwelling; coops and cages shall not be located within five feet of a side yard lot line, or within 18 inches of a rear yard lot line; and coops and cages shall not be located in the front yard.

F. Enclosure. Hens shall be provided with a covered, predator-proof coop that is well-ventilated and designed to be easily accessed for cleaning. The coop shall allow at least two square feet per hen. Hens shall additionally have access to an outdoor enclosure or run that is adequately fenced to contain the birds on the property, to prevent them from running at large, and to prevent predators. Hens shall not be allowed out of these enclosures unless a responsible individual is directly monitoring them and able to immediately return the hens to the cage or coop if necessary. A chicken coop and run shall be deemed an accessory storage structure if they exceed 80 square feet combined.

G. Sanitation; Slaughtering. The coop and outdoor enclosure must be kept clean, dry and sanitary; free from debris and offensive odors; and devoid of rodents and vermin. It shall be so located that adequate drainage is obtained, normal drying occurs and standing water is not present. The coop and outdoor enclosure must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the accumulation of waste. All feed must be stored in a rodent-proof container. No hens shall be slaughtered except in accordance with Chapter 918 of the Revised Code.

H. Transferability. Permits issued under this subsection are not transferable.
1. Permit Revocation. The Director of Public Safety may revoke a permit at any time if the permit holder materially fails to adhere to the provisions of this pilot program.

Section 2. The pilot program established in this resolution shall cease at the time Council should adopt comprehensive regulations governing the keeping of hens within the City, or upon some further Council action contrary to the intent of this resolution.

Section 3. It is found and determined that all formal actions of this Council concerning and relating to the passage of this ordinance were adopted in an open meeting of this Council and that all such deliberations of this Council and of any of its committees that resulted in such formal action were in meetings open to the public in compliance with all legal requirements.

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Volume 10, Issue 16, Posted 10:42 PM, 07.22.2014

Lakewood Supports Students

Volunteers helping with last summer's sorting day.

Thank you to the Lakewood community for supporting Supplies 4 Success’ city-wide school supply collection drive over the past 3 years. Last year our community donated enough supplies to assist over 1,000 students, from kindergarten to high school, with the basic supplies needed to complete their academic work.

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Volume 10, Issue 16, Posted 10:42 PM, 07.22.2014

LPL's Tailspinner's Workshop Was Fantast-acting

There was yet another special event at Lakewood Public Library. Tailspinners Children’s Workshop was at the library on July 16th teaching a special acting class for children from 3rd to 5th grades. It included games, singing and acting.

“A truly amazing experience!” says attendee Lydia Kress. “It had me moving and being creative. The teachers taught us three parts of actors and actresses. Those things were body, voice and imagination. I really liked the singing part. It sounded so pretty”

“So fun and active!” says other attendee Julia Kompier. “I also think it was so awesome and cool. The teachers were so nice. One of the things I liked was the games. I liked the games because they used our body, our voice and because we acted a lot during the games. We played Captain on Deck and a game where we acted out being in different places. I acted out an amusement park and a restaurant and a zoo. The other team acted out a school, a ballet studio and a baseball game. We also played Charades and had to act everything out with a scarf."

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Volume 10, Issue 16, Posted 10:42 PM, 07.22.2014

Longtime Madison Avenue Fixture Closes

The Shamrock Tavern, 11922 Madison Avenue

A longtime fixture of Madison Avenue's East End, the Shamrock Tavern recently closed due to a serious illness in the family. The Shamrock's history in Lakewood goes back more than fifty years, first established by the Westfall family in the mid 1970s, then owned by partners Gino Pitassi, Bob Slimak and Gus Volvos from the mid '80s to mid '90s, and then owned by Michelle Wilburn-Martau and her father Del Wilburn from 1995 until this month. The Westfalls had the Shamrock located on the east end of Detroit Avenue until moving up to Madison Avenue in the '80s to make way for the expansion of the old Koepke Motor Sales. For more than fifty years the Irish-American tavern and restaurant welcomed neighborhood residents, sponsored Lakewood adult recreation teams, hosted weddings and parties, and was the venue for an untold number of community and charitable fundraising events.

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Volume 10, Issue 16, Posted 10:42 PM, 07.22.2014

Share Your America With An Exchange Student

Inviting Lakewood families to “Share Your America” with a high school exchange student from one of 70 European,
South American, Asian, or African countries during the upcoming school year. Sponsored by PAX- Program of Academic Exchange (PAX), these students arrive to the U.S. in August.

PAX students are 15-18 years old, have studied English for at least three years, and are motivated to learn more about the U.S. by attending high school and living with a host family. PAX students are eager to experience American activities—backyard barbecues, birthday celebrations, and holidays—with their host families. They are covered by comprehensive medical insurance and have their own spending money for incidentals.

Volunteer host families provide PAX students with a bed, a quiet place to study, a seat at the dining table, a warm and supportive home environment, and encouragement to engage in everyday American life. With their exchange students, host families experience such activities through fresh eyes while also learning about the exchange student’s country and culture. All types of families—single parents, young couples, retirees, and parents with teenagers—are welcome to host.

Founded in 1990, PAX is a non-profit educational organization and one of a select few U.S. Department of State designated Exchange Visitor Program’s chosen to participate in its prestigious U.S. government-sponsored FLEX, YES, and A-SMYLE programs. Each year, more than 1,100 teenagers visit the U.S. as PAX exchange students. For more information, call Darryl Anderson at 330-256-6127 or visit

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Volume 10, Issue 16, Posted 10:42 PM, 07.22.2014

Brian Butterfield Becomes Eagle Scout

On August 16, 2014, Boy Scout Brian Butterfield, a member of Troop 287 in Lakewood, will be honored at a special court of honor for achieving the Eagle Scout Award, Boy Scouting's highest honor.

To become an Eagle Scout, Brian earned 29 merit badges and served his troop in a variety of leadership roles. He also completed a major community service project, converting an abandoned daycare playground into a perennial park at St. James Church. A recent graduate of St. Edward High School, he plans to enter the University of Mount Union next fall, where he will study Chemistry.

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Volume 10, Issue 16, Posted 10:42 PM, 07.22.2014

It's Time For The Tour! "Come Home To Lakewood" House And Garden Tour Returns Sunday, September 7th

Three of the featured homes welcoming you inside during the 2014 "Come Home to Lakewood" Home and Garden Tour.

The 2014 “Come Home to Lakewood” House and Garden Tour, presented by The Lakewood Historical Society is scheduled for Sunday, September 7th, from 1 to 6 p.m. This biannual tour invites you to explore some of the finest examples of Lakewood's diverse architectural styles, including an elegant English Tudor, a stately Colonial Revival, an Arts and Crafts bungalow, a midcentury condo, a delightful English cottage, a Victorian under construction and a completely renovated Colonial Revival. Also included on the tour are the newly remodeled Lakewood Methodist Church Sanctuary and the soaring stained glass ceiling of the renovated lobby of First Federal of Lakewood - plus a newly built two story garage proudly built with a collaboration with Lakewood's Westshore Vocational School.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Jammy Buggars Donates Meal To Remember At Ames Family Hospice House

L. to R.: Gary Paventi, Chef Rob Geul and owner Jim Sprenger of Jammy Buggars.

Jammy Buggars, 15625 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, provided an incredible meal -- including outrageously good short ribs and banana pudding -- to patients, family and guests at Ames Family Hospice House in Westlake  recently for Hospice of the Western Reserve’s "Meal to Remember."

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Lakewood Job Club

The Lakewood Collaborative is hosting a monthly Job Club at the Lakewood Public Library at 15425 Detroit Ave. The next Job Club meeting will be held on Tuesday July 29th, from 6-8 p.m. at the Lakewood Library. We will provide information and resources to assist people with finding a job in today's market. The Job Club is free and open to the public. For information contact Becky Carlton at

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Dr. G Presents "Three Phases Of Lincoln" On August 4

One-hundred fifty years ago — in the summer of 1864 — the Union cause and the Lincoln Presidency were in peril. Sherman couldn’t capture Atlanta and Grant was stymied in Virginia by Robert E. Lee. The re-election of Lincoln was in doubt — his defeat would most likely have resulted in a Confederate victory.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Sauce On The Side: A Visit To Eddie Cerino's

Our first foray into our culinary adventure led us to the corner of Warren and Detroit, to an inviting establishment named Eddie Cerino's. Formerly known as Eddie and Eddie's, this bright, modern restaurant welcomes its patrons with a cool vibe and a warm staff. We were greeted promptly and ushered to a table, just a tad too cozy with what must have been a newly enamored couple, judging by the level of PDA (i.e. public display of affection). Our server, Lisa, was particularly friendly and attentive without being overly solicitous. Our meal began with a choice of chicken paprikash or Italian wedding soup; we decided to have one of each (who wouldn't?). Both of the soups were savory and well complemented by the fluffy foccacia bread, presented in charming metal baskets. The cheesy crust was perfectly chewy with a soft, airy interior, which would have been even better served warm.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Chance To Win A Vacation And Support North Coast Health

The winning ticket holder of North Coast Health’s Summer Vacation raffle can choose between a 7-night, all-inclusive package including airfare to the Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic or a 4-night golfing package at The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess including rounds of golf, airfare and rental car. The winner may also select a $3,500 travel voucher to Independence Travel in lieu of the above travel experiences.  

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

End Of The Trail Party At Madison Park

Celebrate the end of another great summer with games and goodies galore! Lakewood Public Library’s summer reading club is drawing to a close, which means it’s time for a party! Our summer readers have done a fabulous job, and now it’s time to reap their rewards.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Your Dream Vacation Is Waiting

New York

Make all your vacation dreams come true! Take a chance on the Starry Night Choose Your Own Adventure travel raffle while supporting a great cause ... Lakewood Hospital's Diabetes Assistance Initiative.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Life In Lakewood, A Half-Century Ago...The Coolest Car In Lakewood!

Gary with the family Mustang, circa 1965.

The fall and winter times of 1963-1964 around Lakewood were, as all times are, I suppose, times of change. In November, our country had experienced the horrible trauma of losing President Kennedy to an assassin's bullet. By February, the Beatles arrived on our shores; providing a welcome distraction to the mass malaise that had overtaken our collective psyches. More and more American soldier/advisers were boarding planes in snowy locations for destinations in steamy locations like Saigon, Vietnam. The Iron Curtain in Europe was well-entrenched by then. Every now and again, you would hear of people either escaping from, or defecting to, the Communist world.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

"Loaves Of Fun" Fair Raises Funds To Fight Hunger

Mark Bacon of Rocky River United Methodist Church presents donation to LCSC Executive Director, Trish Rooney.

The first "Loaves of Fun" Fair was held at Rocky River United Methodist Church on Detroit Road on June 1, 2014. Over 600 event-goers participated in games played on bouncy houses, ran obstacle courses, and tried their hands at the dunk tank. Favorite dunk tank targets were Senior Pastor Dan Bogre and Associate Pastor Paul Bennett! Christian music station The Fish broadcast live from the event and Meghan Zurkey, recording artist and member of the congregation’s Praise Choir entertained with a family-friendly performance. Members of the congregation served prepared food and hot dogs, snow cones and snacks. Face painters and temporary tattoo artists were busy all day brightening up the faces of children who managed to sit still just long enough before racing back to the games. 

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

If Not Now, When? Lakewood Real Estate Continues To Grow

The Summer of 2014 is going to be one to remember! Cleveland, yes Cleveland, lands the Republican National Convention. LeBron chooses to come back home. Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway invest in the local real estate market. There's a bit of a renaissance going on in Cleveland. And as one local person has put it, what's good for Cleveland is good for Lakewood!

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Cranford Avenue 1st Annual Art And Soul Street Festival

It’s that time of year again! Since last year was such a success, Cranford Avenue is gearing up for its 1st Annual Art and Soul Street Festival. Come join us Saturday August 9th from 1-6 p.m. for our last big blow out of the season, hosted by The Good Day Moon Gallery and The Reiki Room.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Our Summer School Experience

Our Summer School Class

by Taylor Rivera & Ean Starcovic

Mr. Spooner is our social studies summer school teacher, along with Mrs. Norris. Mr. Spooner introduced us to Cornell notes. Using this will help kids of all ages. This is a very easy thing to know. One of the topics we did with Cornell notes was utilizing reliable information, you understand it better and your audience will also believe you. Make sure you always back up information; have it up-to-date! We also did a Cornell on transferring reliable information from one medium or source to another. You need to state the main idea, and know the topic of the selection. We also did Cornell on synthesizing information, you need to make sure everything fits, make a TMD (T. topic, M. main idea, D. details) to write a summary on what you just took notes on, and also identify the main idea, and use connections. We had a research project and we did two Cornell sheets on the basics. We also did frame of reference and point of view, your way on seeing a topic is called point of view. Frame of reference is your background information and experiences. We also did Reading Comprehension. This helps you to understand reading material better. You can imagine what is happening in a book. We can use all of these lessons in all classes, we have plan to use this in the future classes.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

9th Annual Starry Night: Friday, August 1

Lakewood Hospital Foundation is proud to host the ninth annual Starry Night fundraiseron Friday, August 1, from 7 to 10 p.m. (6 p.m. for sponsor and “Shooting Star” early admittance) the biggest and best street party in Lakewood. Recognized as one of the west side’s premier events of the summer, the festivities are held outside on Lakewood Hospital’s campus where guests can dine on a variety of gourmet cuisine offerings while enjoying live entertainment.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Lakewood Women’s Club Raises Money For HUGS Foundation Via City Wide Garage Sale

Lakewood Women’s Club members joined together this past week to donate and sell their personal items for a good cause during the City Wide Garage Sale. All of the members, as well as the club President Mary Dodge were gracious enough to volunteer their efforts. Mary also donated her garage and her home during the sale.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Chamber To Welcome New Educators To Lakewood

On August 15th, the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce will welcome new educators to the community at our 58th Annual New Teachers Luncheon, sponsored by The University of Akron Lakewood and catered by Italian Creations. Ours is one of the largest and longest-running new teacher welcome events in the region.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Economic Development Update Delivered To Lakewood Chamber Of Commerce

Lakewood is attracting tens of millions of dollars in economic development projects not only because of the City’s efforts, but because of our best “economic developers” – existing business owners who spread the word about the great things happening in Lakewood.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Upcoming Lakewood Chamber Events

Friday, August 15th
58th Annual New Teachers Luncheon
Garfield Middle School
13114 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood
11:30am Registration & Networking, 12pm Lunch & Program
Sponsored by The University of Akron Lakewood
Marketing opportunities are available – call 216-226-2900 to learn more

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Mayor Mike Summers Welcomes Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/ Lucien Realty

The Ribbon Cutting in front of the Lakewood office of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/ Lucien Realty

On July 8th the former Prudential Lucien happily transformed into Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Lucien Realty. To celebrate there were ribbon cuttings at all three offices in Amherst, Westlake, and our longtime Lakewood Office.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Eat, Drink, And Be Generous!

Every Tuesday Jammy Buggers, 15625 Detroit Rd, offers up “Pay It Forward Tuesdays” with 15% of your tab going to a featured beneficiary. This is way beyond stupendous in and of itself, but even more stupendous is that on July 29th the featured beneficiary is the Lakewoodalive’s Lakewood Pride Fund. 

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Camp Lakewood Public Library Summer Reading Club Ends August 2

Camp Lakewood Public Library Readers!

Youth from birth through twelfth grade have enjoyed their summer reading this year! 3,238 readers are currently signed up to read 30 books or 30 hours this summer by 6 p.m. on Saturday, August 2. All finishers are rewarded with a brand new book of their own, an 8 ounce serving of Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, and a free game and shoe rental at Madison Square Lanes Bowling Alley. Teens also get a raffle ticket to win an additional prize.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Summer Nights: Lakewood's Front Porch Concerts 2014

Our community immersing in a Front Porch Concert.

On Friday July 11th Cletus Black and his band Revue kicked off Lakewood’s Front Porch Concert series. His bluesy rock music literally had kids dancing in circles while their parents looked on with smiles on their faces. Those of you present soaked in the balmy seventy degree breezes and the soulful sound of live music. And there are more to come!

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

Friends of Lakewood Library Art Festival Book Sale

Just when we thought a Friends of Lakewood Library Book Sale couldn’t get any better, it becomes a literary oasis, a respite from the August sun, an air-conditioned vision of affordable books in the minds of weary art lovers who have been strolling through the heat of the 2014 Lakewood Arts Fest.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

There Is No "I" In Team

Carl Orban and a member of the Cleveland Orchestra working on a house on Dowd Avenue.

When I joined the team at LakewoodAlive last September, I came onboard for many reasons but one of the top reasons was the sheer volume of volunteers who continually offer to help the organization. I came from a place where it was not the norm for people to call and say, “We want to give back, do you have any opportunities?” I just love being part of a community that understands that sometimes others need help, and they are willing to step up and give back.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 10:32 PM, 07.22.2014

District Hires New LHS Band Director

The Board of Education at its regular meeting on Monday, July 21, approved Clinton Steinbrunner as the new Lakewood High School Band Director, replacing Nathan Harris. Steinbrunner, currently the Assistant High School Band Director and Middle School Band Director for the Benjamin Logan Local Schools in Bellefontaine, will begin on July 23 to start preparing for marching band camp on August 4.

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 11:48 AM, 07.22.2014

Rec Dept. Survey Shows High Satisfaction

As part of an effort to follow through on its continuous improvement plan, this past spring the Lakewood City School District surveyed the Lakewood community in regards to the District’s Community Recreation and Education Department programs. The survey, conducted by the Triad Research Group using a random sampling technique, confirmed a number of key findings that indicates that Lakewood residents are satisfied with the department’s operations.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:28 PM, 07.08.2014

Lakewood Kiwanis Annual Chicken & Ribs BBQ Fundraiser!


Lakewood Kiwanis is once again holding its annual Chicken & Rib BAR-b-QUE at Lakewood Park Kiwanis Pavilion on Sunday, July 20, 3 to 6 pm. Your meal also includes potato salad, baked beans, water melon, dessert and beverage. Tickets are $15. Hotdogs will be available at $2 for children under 5 years. Tickets are available from Lakewood Kiwanis members or at the door.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:28 PM, 07.08.2014

O'Neill Healthcare Lakewood Scholorship Winner

O'Neill Healthcare Lakewood, previously known as Lakewood Senior Health Campus is pleased to announce Christina Ferra as the 2014 winner of their annual nursing scholarship. Christina recently graduated from St. Joseph Academy with a 3.8/40 GPA and is headed to Ashland University in the fall to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

O'Neill Healthcare Lakewood employs over 30 nurses and strives to promote high quality healthcare in the community.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:32 PM, 07.08.2014

Understanding The City’s Sidewalk Strategy

The city of Lakewood is entering its second phase of a 10-year strategy to improve the city’s 180 miles of sidewalks with the intention of keeping them among the most pedestrian-friendly in the state.

Each year, the city sends inspectors to check the sidewalks for “trip hazards.”

This year, residents with identified trip hazards have some options. They can pay to have the sidewalk fixed themselves or participate in a citywide bid with the city’s contractor — the idea being to lower the price for property owners.

Residents with trip hazards will fall into one of three categories: Grinding the seams of the sidewalk (at $35 per seem); some sidewalks will need to be leveled (an estimated $100 per slab) or replaced (approximately $200).

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Volume 10, Issue 15, Posted 3:54 PM, 07.08.2014

District OKs New Admin Hires

The Lakewood Board of Education approved a number of significant personnel moves at two recent Board meetings. The positions are all effective August 1, 2014.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:34 PM, 07.08.2014

Lakewood Commissioner's Softball Tournament Benefiting Youth Recreation Scholarships

The Commissioners of the Lakewood Community Recreation and Education Commission, the Adult Athletic Commission and the Youth Athletic Commission are excited to present the third annual Lakewood Commissioner’s Softball Tournament benefiting Lakewood Youth Recreation Scholarships. These scholarships are given to the community’s youth who would otherwise not have the funds to participate in our Recreation Department’s many activities each year.

Each year the Recreation Department provides scholarships to the young residents so they may participate in the any of the sports or other programming that is offered. Approximately 10,000 children living in Lakewood take part in a variety of activities every year. In recent years, the scholarship has provided $50 toward each child’s activities. This tournament is the main source of funds for the scholarship fund every year.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:42 PM, 07.08.2014

Brown Spots On Lake Erie

I have noticed something today I have never seen before on the Lake - a few large brown film-looking spots close to the shoreline. The picture above was taken from the backyard of 11820 Edgewater Dr.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:50 PM, 07.08.2014

Hen Hopefuls: The Paschke Family

The Paschke Family - Lakewood Avenue residents who are interested in responsibly keeping hens in Lakewood.

Happy summer from the Hens in Lakewood Committee! Meet The Paschke family, Lakewood Avenue residents who are interested in responsible hen-keeping in Lakewood. 

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:34 PM, 07.08.2014

Celebrate Oktoberfest With The Swinging Bavarians At Lakewood Public Library

The Swinging Bavarians bring Oktoberfest to Lakewood Public Library on Sunday, July 13 at 2 p.m. when they perform as part of the Library’s Sunday with the Friends series. German oompah music and polkas will abound. However, the Swinging Bavarians also perform marches, waltzes, standards, children’s favorites, swing music and rock.  Dr. Tom Herbell conducts the Swinging Bavarians and plays clarinet. A graduate of Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Herbell worked for many years as a scientist at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. Before their concert, he takes the time to answer a few questions.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:34 PM, 07.08.2014

Golf Outing Fundraiser Is September 8 At Red Tail

The Rotary Club of Lakewood & Rocky River, in conjunction with the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce and Pillars of Lakewood, will have its annual golf outing at Red Tail Golf Club on Monday, September 8, with a shotgun start at 11:30 a.m.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:34 PM, 07.08.2014

3 Tips To Take To Enjoy Life's Ride

Life can often be seen as one long roadtrip filled with many freeways, construction sites, and potholes!

Sometimes, we are in a season where everything is moving at a “highway” pace. Whenever you are going through a transition, such as planning a wedding, going to college, or having a baby, things can seem to just fly by if you’re not too careful. Reaching the end destination too quickly could lead you to missing the experience of it altogether. When riding the freeway of life, you must remember to enjoy the ride.

Then you have those construction sites in your life. These seasons are when you simply “work on yourself.” You know what I’m talking about: those seasons of dieting and workout plans, or the season of academia. These seasons are filled with constructive moves that will help define a “better quality” of you for seasons to come. That is, if you stick it out, and keep your eye on the road. This is a critical zone, and lack of careful driving could lead to some ugly results. When driving through the construction in life, you must remember to stay focused.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:34 PM, 07.08.2014

Are We All GUYS ???

Are we all GUYS ???

I am not sure when it happened. When did it become socially acceptable to refer to both sexes as “guys”? Have you noticed it? Everybody is a guy. I see it on TV, in movies, used by store clerks, everywhere! 

My guess is that corporate America decided to level their employees, male and female, to give the illusion of equality among sexes. And somehow this spread like wildfire into every aspect of life. I can see it being used with all male dominated teams, of course. And Webster’s Dictionary says it is appropriate language in groups of mixed sexes to call them “guys.” Okay, I accept that. But women are increasing in management of major corporations, politics, are the main earners in many families. Because of this, should we also be called “guys”? Heck NO !!!

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:34 PM, 07.08.2014

Fundraising For Modern Times

What if we fully funded schools and made prisons make up their budget deficit with Box Tops and catalog fundraisers, selling cookie dough and knickknacks? Since that is not happening any time soon, schools are looking for fun and innovative ways to keep all the great events happening that support our students beyond what the current budgets allow.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:28 PM, 07.08.2014

Lakewood Public Library Events Calendar

Tuesday, July 15
Introduction to Ancestry: Library Edition
The Ancestry genealogy resource is free to use every day at the Library. How far back would you like to trace your family tree? Genealogist Deborah Abbott will show you how to unlock the secrets held by census reports, military records, birth certificates and death notices in this hands-on workshop. Unravel your history with professional results. Space is limited. Call 216-226-8275 ext. 127 to register.
6:00 p.m. in the Main Library Learning Lab

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:28 PM, 07.08.2014

Abandoned Kitten Needs Your Help!

Orphan kitty Edie, who needs surgery to remove one of her legs. 

As we all know, every life contains some of hardship. However, one tiny Lakewood kitten has already suffered enough hardship to last an entire lifetime. The six-week-old was abandoned on the streets of Lakewood, and suffers from a medical condition that will require amputation.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:28 PM, 07.08.2014

League Of Women Voters Merger

The three local Leagues of Women Voters, LWV-Cuyahoga Area, with LWV-Shaker Heights and LWV-Cleveland Area have voted to merge forming one single League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland. The central League now encompasses all of Cuyahoga County, with nine chapters -- Bay Village, Fairview Park, Lakewood, Rocky River, Westlake/North Olmsted, Cleveland Heights/University Heights, Hillcrest, Shaker Heights, and Cleveland Area. This merger will help the organization better meet its mission of encouraging an informed and engaged electorate.

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Volume 10, Issue 14, Posted 3:28 PM, 07.08.2014