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Events for Wednesday, January 20, 2021

2021 Cuyahoga County Solar Co-op Online Info Session
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Join the Cuyahoga County Solar Co-Op!
In recent years, rooftop solar has become an increasingly common and affordable way to reduce household energy costs while decreasing reliance on fossil fuels. Now, residents of Cuyahoga County have an opportunity to join the County’s 2021 Solar Co-op. The Co-op – which is offered in partnership with Solar United Neighbors (a nonprofit solar advocacy group) – enables its members to save money by negotiating below market rate group pricing. In addition to the existing 26% federal tax credit, co-op members generally save 15-20% off the cost of their system.
Members receive an education concerning all aspects of solar power and vendor-neutral support throughout the entire process. There is no cost or obligation. Members may quit the Co-op at any time.
Join the movement by attending a free online info session. Learn about the tax incentives, financing options, technical advances, costs and warranties batteries and car charging ports.
Ninety-nine households participated in Cuyaghoga County’s 2020 Co-op. Each of these households is predicted to save an estimated $10,000 - $25,000 over 25 years. In addition, participants have significantly reduced the amount of carbon and other pollutants that they emit into the environment.

Spread the word! Share this information with friends and neighbors. We have information sessions scheduled for Wednesday, January 20 at 6pm, Thursday January 28 at 6 pm and Thursday February 11 at 6 pm. For more information, visit www.solarunitedneighbors.org/CCOH Attend an online information session by clicking on ‘Events’ at the top of the webpage. If events have not yet been posted please try our website again.
Membership is free with no cost or obligation. Co-op members can quit at any time.

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