Lakewood Outdoor Basketball Committee

The Lakewood Community Relations Adivsory Commission endorses the important work that the Lakewood Outdoor Basketball Committee (LOBC) has been committed to for the past eighteen months. With the development of the city's diverse youth population in mind, LOBC has laid the groundwork for the return of free outdoor basketball.

Communities across northeastern Ohio have been solid in their support of outdoor basketball and recreation. In fact, Lakewood is one of the few cities that does not provide such to its youth. With a lack of a recreation center and mainly a pay to play recreation department, LOBC has worked feverishly with the City to provide a viable alternative. With community support, basketball will return in a safe and constructive way. The first court will soon open at Kauffman Park and we hope that LOBC, the City and the Police Department will cooperate with one another in making sure free basketball works. In this age of childhood obesity and pay to play recreational activities, LOBC's mission of advocating an alternative, free outdoor basketball, is one way to assist Lakewood's youth and children in a healthier childhood.

Our Comission's commitment to diversity and engaging the community in thought provoking dialogue, has prompted the Community Relations Advisory Commission to make this important endorsement. We encourage stakeholders in our city and its government to follow our lead.

For the Lakewood Community Relations Commission

Paula Maeder Connor, Chair

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Volume 6, Issue 18, Posted 2:15 AM, 09.08.2010