Thank You To All Of The Great Citizens Of Lakewood

I would like to thank all of the wonderful people who have stopped to help me in this snowy weather.

I'm in an electric wheelchair and have gotten stuck in places were people have not shoveled snow. I have people stop, men and ladies young and old, because some businesses on Detroit Avenue do not believe in clearing their sidewalks. Some will do their sidewalks, but do not do the crosswalks. I do thank these people for their efforts very much.

The people of this city are always helpful and willing to do what they can. Why can't these business do the right thing?Shovel your snow. With the number of disabled and elderly in this city, and the fact that this is the Main Street in our town mean it should be made accessible for all.

Also, to the people who do shovel and have a bus stop at their location- please shovel the area to the street so that the busses can lower there ramps or just as a courtesy to all who take the bus. It is difficult to have to step into a foot of snow to get on the bus.

I know several of these businesses are closed, but the company listed as the sales agents should help with the snow removal.

Thank you to all the great residents.

Richard Jaronowski

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Volume 7, Issue 2, Posted 12:35 AM, 01.26.2011