Supporting Lakewood

After again reading more comments on the proposed CVS building on Detroit, the rumors of McDonalds and all the concern, I pose this question to the residents of Lakewood- "Do I support Lakewood businesses?"

We are all so quick to make our opinions known when we feel something doesn't meet our standards or expectations. The building of the new CVS, I feel, is a positive move. Replacing an abandoned church and a store front block which hasnt been updated in years will add movement and activity as well as obvious change to our landscape. I have lived and own a business in Lakewood for years- and as I have told so many naysayers over the years- put your money where your mouths are.

First and foremost support your local businesses, churches and organizations. Through this support we wouldn't have the empty buildings and storefronts to contend with. Secondly, start your own business and fill these empty buildings and storefronts! Until Lakewoodites support and respect the city in which we live we will continue to see these changes. And hopefully with the help and guidance of City Hall these new builds will continue to fit in with our hopefully ever-changing landscape.

Time and time again so many of us are quick to comment without thinking of the whys. What was the last movie YOU saw at the Detoit Theatre? Let us embrace change, continue to have good, intelligent debates and more so, support our local businesses.

David Stein

25yr resident of Lakewood and business owner

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Volume 7, Issue 11, Posted 2:53 PM, 06.01.2011