FirstEnergy Is Behind The Times

Proposed legislation in the U.S. House would weaken existing protections against mercury pollution emitted by industrial boilers. While I urge our lawmakers to strengthen, not weaken, regulations around boilers, another major source of mercury and other air pollutants is coal-fired power plants. Many power companies are taking steps to upgrade their facilities to minimize pollution--or better yet, investing in efficiency or clean technologies.

Unfortunately, FirstEnergy, my provider, which owns several coal plants close to Cleveland, is not among them. I urge Tony Alexander, CEO of FirstEnergy, to take the opportunity at the company’s Eastlake facility to turn its record around and invest in improvements to its plant. If FirstEnergy continues its current poor track record, Ohio’s Public Utilities Commission should hold the company accountable. The technology exists to reduce toxic emissions and to move beyond coal. FirstEnergy should not be the last to embrace it.

Hannah Dentinger

I am a Lakewood resident who enjoys music, the outdoors, and our wonderfully friendly community!

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Volume 7, Issue 23, Posted 4:43 PM, 11.15.2011