Slow Down.

I had quite an awakening this week as I found myself stopped at a green light in front of Harding School.

I didn't know why I stopped. Something just made me. I looked up, saw the green light and started to move. At that time, I noticed the panic on a little face as he just passed my vehicle, he looked up and noticed he did not have the right of way. I did not honk the horn or anything; he looked scared enough. Following that, I looked up and thanked God for having me stop during a green light.

The feeling that I almost hit a child is still with me.  And I am thankful of it, a constant reminder to slow down and be aware. Kids and parents can not hear it enough times to BE CAREFUL when crossing. Parents, BE CAREFUL when driving. This is not a question of who has the right of way, but rather saving a life!

Please remind yourself and others about crossing with caution;  driving with care and to all to always be patient and take our time. Lives are at stake and each one of us has only one!! 

Thank you very much.


Marinika Beaver



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Volume 7, Issue 23, Posted 4:43 PM, 11.15.2011