Looking For A Labor Of Love?

So, it is the holiday season. Everyone is out there in 'stress central' perhaps. Making time for job (if one has one), home, family & friends, and self is in itself a juggling act of major proportions. Why then do we often feel hollow inside? Are we rushing from one event to the next? Do we clean our space 5 minutes here and there or one room at a time so we can get out there and meet and greet? Are we so busy we find an online dating service so we can have a five minute date with X number of folks in one evening?

Isn't this the season to imagine healthy, whole and deep relationships? God loved us so much God came in human form.  This was not a cheap or quick date, but a lifelong relationship God established with humanity. Strange, isn't it, that humanity now has so little time to make relationships with one another. We scurry around and when we finally get to our home we shut the doors and then turn on the computer or other social media networking device. More, more, more.  (Maybe to silence, ignore or deny the hollowness we feel and the loneliness that fills our thoughts.)

Maybe it is time for less. Less worry, less food that is bad for us, less contact with cell phones and the like. Maybe it is time for less concern about social status. It could be time for less grabbing of things and more time spent with those truly without...without a friend, without a home, without a meal, without knowledge of when a next coat might come.

In this 'less' thinking there is more, however. More time to talk with community meal guests, more time to imagine how hunger relief can lead to ideas for poverty eradication, more time to find really good folks who are also concerned with hard times, more time for more relationships that are meaningful.

Interested? Trinity Lakewood Community Outreach is looking for you! We are in particular need of a chef or cook who would join our monthly 1st Monday Community Meal volunteer staff. The meal is served at 6pm and the kitchen is available from 12 noon on. TLCO will laud and applaud the meals as will those who eat them. TLCO will offer a group and a heart into which a new volunteer (chef, cook or not) will find some fulfillment, less loneliness and more meaning. Come!  Check in at 216.226.8087 or on the Trinity Lakewood Community Outreach Facebook page. We will be watching for you!

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Volume 7, Issue 24, Posted 12:28 AM, 12.01.2011