We Lit Up Lakewood- But Where Was The Band?

What an amazing fifth year for LightUpLakewood. Kudos to Ian Andrews, Shannon Strachan, Tamara Karel and the too many to list sponsors and volunteers. The event, parade and weather were fantastic! The fireworks- Thank You to The Universiry of Akron, Lakewood- were spectacular. The new lights on the Hospital- wow! Though something was definitely missing. Where was the Lakewood High School Marching Band?

I started playing the coronet when I was 10 and carried that through to college, yes I was a band geek! We marched basically wherever we were told to go. The 90 degree heat, the 5 degree cold. Ive heard rumors as to why the Lakewood High School Marching Band did not participate in the LightUpLakewood parade- I don't like rumors, I would however like to pose this question and hope many other residents would too. I am a tax paying Lakewood resident and is our High School not a public school, funded by us? It wasn't too cold for the band members to play, yes- one rumor! It wasn't raining for the band members to get wet! it was 46 degrees. I don't think they were at a bowl game. KUDOS to the Beck center band! A group formed of musical residents from all over Lakewood- but wouldn't it have been nice to have had more than one marching band? Where were you Lakewood High School Marching Band?

David Stein

25yr resident of Lakewood and owner of Plantation Home

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Volume 7, Issue 25, Posted 11:52 PM, 12.13.2011