CKLA – Cleveland Kickers Lakewood Academy Education Is Key To Success!

CKLA Director and LHS Girls Varsity coach, Vladimir Godosev believes that continuing education for coaches will breed success into Lakewood’s youth soccer. This spring and summer, Coach Godosev and Recreation Department have arranged for two US Federation educational programs to be hosted in Lakewood for local coaches as well as coaches across the US. “Coaching education is crucial with what we’re trying to build with CKLA and LHS Girls Soccer Varsity program. It’s not enough for just one coach to have the knowledge to teach and train our youth. All our coaches should have the concepts and ideas to be able to educate our kids. We have so many great and passionate volunteers; now add direction, add a curriculum, add knowledge about HOW to coach, and you’ve got an equation for success,” says Coach Vlad.

In conjunction with OYSAN, Ohio North’s governing soccer body, and Coach Godosev, this spring Lakewood will host for the first time the National D license, which is geared towards travel coaches and entry level premier working with 11-a-side soccer. Here’s a general overview of what the course brings this March...

The “D” License consists of theoretical (classroom) and practical (field) instruction on teaching the four components of soccer -- technique, tactics, fitness and psychology -- as they relate to games between 1v1 and 11v11. The course also includes an extensive “methods” component, designed to improve the pedagogical skills of participating coaches and prepare candidates for the US Soccer national coaching schools.  

“When I took this course it opened my eyes to a wide range of concepts.  It’s like someone opened the water ways and out burst thousands of ideas; many of which I was already applying, but not in such an organized or comprehensive way. I’ve realized the more courses I take, the more they help me connect the dots, “says Coach Vlad. He adds “It’s like a guitarist that is self-taught, plays his heart out not knowing that what he’s playing is just natural unstructured sound. Then one day he gets an instructor that helps put that sound on paper, helps clean up a few cords…now it’s not just sound, it’s music.”  He adds, “You can see it all coming together, the School Board, Recreation Department, CKLA, LHS Girls Varsity soccer have united to give our youth the best opportunities through this great sport of ours.”

Along with the US National D license, Lakewood will also be hosting the US Federation National Youth License.  The NYL is designed to provide club directors of coaching, youth coaches, physical education teachers, and soccer administrators with the knowledge to successfully structure soccer environments for children between the ages of five and twelve. The course is often regarded as the most beneficial and important of the national-level courses. “This one is a big one for me personally and our program; our youth is the most important to me, and giving them an environment and proper coaching that’s been lacking or non-existent in this city and area is key. We have to get to our youth early and give them the tools needed to succeed later. Our CKLA PDP program for ages 4-8 years old is the future of our youth soccer in Lakewood,” says Coach Vlad. This course will be offered in July and will be open to all coaches Nation Wide.

What can we say?  CKLA is helping pave the road for future soccer…stay tuned for more. For more information please visit or for course registration and information.

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Volume 8, Issue 4, Posted 10:02 PM, 02.21.2012