The Dougbe River Presbyterian School

The story of young Isaac Monah's escape from the war torn nation of Liberia in 1989 and of his subsequent arrival in America, is in and of itself a story of biblical proportions. 

When civil war erupted in Liberia in 1989, the Monah family fled to the Ivory Coast where Isaac worked for a time in the Tai National Forest where he met Scott McGraw who helped him emigrate to America. Isaac settled in Philadelphia, and eventually moved to Cleveland Heights where he began attending Noble Road Presbyterian Church. 

In 2007 Isaac returned to a Liberia still recovering from the wounds of the war, and recognizing that one of the resources unavailable to those living in the Konobo district of Liberia was education, Isaac embarked on a crusade to bring a school to the citizens of the Konobo District of Liberia, the rural area which was his home. Returning to Noble Road, he allied himself with several resourceful church leaders including: Pastor Francis Miller, John Luttermoser, Ted Roos, John Benko and others; together they formed the organization that became known as the Dougbe River Presbyterian School of Liberia or DRPSL.

After securing 150 acres of land during negotiations with the local leaders of the Konobo District and securing financial support from various interested parties, the DRPSL broke ground for an 8-room school house in 2010.

At the time of this writing, the school has been in operation for 6 months accepting its first students on November 30, 2012. A school truck has been purchased and bridges and roads have been repaired and wells dug. A dedicated staff has been hired and they are progressively addressing the challenges of working in such a remote location. John Luttermoser informs me that the school will be made self-sustaining through the establishment of a small farm on school grounds.

In support of this important endeavor the Phoenix Freak Flag Youth Group will hold a special benefit for the Dougbe River School June 22nd at Grace Presbyterian Church, 1659 Rosewood Avenue in beautiful Lakewood, Ohio. The event will run from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. with live music, poetry and food. A $5 donation will be accepted at the door with proceeds going to support the DRPSL as the school seeks to expand from a K-6 school to a K-12 institution.

Please join us as we celebrate the accomplishment of the Dougbe River Presbyterian School.

Earl Thomas

Youth Coordinator at the Phoenix Project an NCD of the Presbytery of the Western Reserve.

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Volume 9, Issue 12, Posted 11:51 AM, 06.13.2013