Hello Lakewood

Hi everyone!

I am Lina, a 17-year-old girl from Germany. After graduating earlier this year from high school, I am taking a gap year now, a very common thing in my home country. That means I won't go to school or college for one year. Instead of spending my time on homework and studying, I am spending four months in Lakewood with my host family, whom I got to know on a school exchange last year. While here again, I'm going to write about all the things I experience every day, sharing what daily life here is like through the eyes of a foreigner.

I’m deeply in love with your language and hope that my writing will enhance my English. I hope to speak it fluently one day.

If you're interested in my view on your world, feel free to keep reading my articles. I believe that home is where one’s heart is and mine is here in Lakewood.

Lina Probst


I am Lina, a 17-year-old girl from Germany and since I graduated this summer from highschool I am taking a gap year right now. Since two months I am staying with a family here in Lakewood, whom I got to know in a two weeks exchange program with my school in Braunschweig/Brunswick. I am a passionated writer and deeply in love with your language, that's why I would like to share my view of your daily life with everyone who is interested. Also I'm trying to enhance my english skills whenever I can, to achieve my goal of speaking it fluently one day. I hope you'll enjoy my articles!


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Volume 13, Issue 17, Posted 12:35 PM, 09.06.2017