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The Tri-C Capital Plan – Issue 61

For the first time in 54 years, Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) will have a Capital Bond Issue on the ballot. The bond issue is solely dedicated to the facilities and buildings of Tri-C – which currently encompass 3.2M square feet under roof.

Over 900,000 students have passed through Tri-C’s doors since 1963, and current annual attendance is approximately 55,000 students. These numbers also point to the load Tri-C buildings and facilities carry on an annual basis through ongoing usage.

The bond issue funds will be invested in the College facilities as laid out in a detailed Capital Plan: 

    • 61% of funds will be invested in existing buildings and facilities – some approaching 40 and 50 years old – that are now in need of extensive renovation, expansion and upgrades to keep pace with changing technology as well as to keep students equipped with the tools needed for jobs and continued success. It’s also a key part of Tri-C’s ongoing commitment to be good stewards of the community’s investment.
    • 39% of funds will be utilized to add new facilities in areas where Tri-C has identified job demand. A prime example – Tri-C will expand its Automotive Technology program – which currently has 100% job placement, with a family-sustaining starting wage.

The investment in Tri-C benefits the community as 85% of Tri-C students remain to live and work in the area – putting their newly gained knowledge to work on behalf of Northeast Ohio businesses.

Under this bond issue, the cost to a homeowner with a home valued at $100,000 is $1.46 a month. Visit to learn more about the next 30 years for Tri-C, as reflected in Tri-C’s Capital Plan and Issue 61. You also can sign up to volunteer, contribute, endorse or request a yard sign on the site. If your organization would like to hear a speaker on Issue 61, please contact Katie Montgomery at 216.952.6146.  

Through my work with students for the college, I can attest to the great value Cuyahoga Community College brings to the community and to the many, many lives it helps transform every day. Tri-C truly is where futures begin for thousands of county residents. Please vote yes on Issue 61 and enable Tri-C to further its commitment to us.

Barbara Hueter is a Lakewood Resident & Tri-C Student Advisor.

Barbara Hueter

Barbara is a Lakewood resident and Tri-C Student Advisor.  As a mother and educator, she is dedicated to strengthening the community by supporting high quality education from pre-k through college/career training and beyond.

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Volume 13, Issue 20, Posted 12:05 PM, 10.17.2017