The Dying Dream?

As a general rule, I am of the belief that sequels are a bad idea (with Star Wars being the exception that proves the rule). However, having just submitted my article that points to the problems of quoting sources, I happened across several different news commentaries that I felt called for a quick case study.
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Volume 2, Issue 25, Posted 3:03 PM, 11.21.06

The Source of the Problem: The Problem of Sources

I like to read. And, when I say, “I like to read,” I mean that I like to read to the extent that I prefer taking the Red Line Rapid to work for no other reason than that it gives me more time to delve into a good book. And, while I do read for entertainment, lately I prefer to read for the sake of knowledge and information.
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Volume 2, Issue 25, Posted 10:10 AM, 11.07.06