Vote Geiger, Beebe, and Markling for Lakewood School Board

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Bobbie Hendrick
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Postby Bobbie Hendrick » Tue Nov 13, 2007 4:55 pm


Mr. Markling wrote pages and pages on his thoughts and plans for the schools on this site on almost a daily basis, although I can't seem to find the thread now.

I'm sorry you have a bad impression of the Alumni Foundation. I think Teresa Andreani has done a great job in the Alumni office. Under her leadership they have sponsored many worthwhile events and raised money for scholarships. My daughter was among many grateful recipients of Alumni Foundation scholarships last spring.

Perhaps someone more knowledgable than I can add to my comments with more details about the Alumni Foundation.

stephen davis
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Postby stephen davis » Tue Nov 13, 2007 5:21 pm

Will Brown wrote:I wonder what, if any, work Michael Andreani does at the Alumni Foundation office, beyond possibly writing political endorsements?

I believe it is TERESA Andreani that has something to do with Alumni.

Will Brown wrote: As to the Alumni Foundation, I think I don't want to make further contributions without some assurance that they are benefiting the graduates, rather than a non-productive office staff.

I am not a Lakewood grad, but my wife, and our five kids are. I'm not sure what the mission statement of the Alumni Foundation is. I think they help organize alumni events, donate to the schools, and give some scholarships.

Maybe someone that knows more about this could chime in here.

Will Brown, your comments are a little rough for someone that knows EVEN LESS than I do.


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Will Brown
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Postby Will Brown » Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:52 pm

Stephen Davis, if you would read, very carefully, the press release published under the byname of Michael Andreani, you would discover that she identifies herself as working at the Alumni Foundation office. It was based on her information that I said she reported she worked there. I am also aware that Teresa Andreani works there. Perhaps it is the same person, or perhaps it is a family endeavor. My point was that with one, or two, Andreanis working there, not much seems to get done. Since my wife and I have been regular contributors to the Alumni Foundation since, I believe, its founding, I think I can say that the office appears dormant, primarily as we almost never hear from them any more.

For someone who admits that he doesn't really know what the Alumni Foundation does, you seem rather certain that you do know what they do. I think I'll allow you to keep the title of most ignorant; you've earned it.

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Postby marklingm » Wed Nov 14, 2007 3:07 pm


Sorry for jumping in late. The LO byline was in error. It was written by Teresa. I have the utmost respect for Teresa and her dedication to the Lakewood City Schools, as well as Lakewood. I know that Teresa would be more than open to hearing your concerns and working with you on making the Lakewood Alumni Foundation even better.

I did not receive an endorsement from the Lakewood Alumni Foundation, nor does the LAF give political endorsements.

I am proud to be the only school board candidate who put my platform out for all of Lakewood to see. My positions are still available at, and Bobbie is correct in that I made almost daily posts on the Observation Deck, the link is at As the LO editorial board will no doubt tell you, the printed edition of The Lakewood Observer did not want for information on my candidacy over the past six months.

I plan on bringing a fresh and unique perspective to the Lakewood School Board. And, most importantly, I ask that you hold me and all of the Lakewood City Schools accountable.


dl meckes
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Postby dl meckes » Wed Nov 14, 2007 3:33 pm

I will also testify that I was on an email list (btw - there was no way to unsubscribe...) and I have never seen a school board candidate put out as much information as Mr. Markling in any election cycle for as long as I have been voting.

Some candidates have a record that can be examined but a new candidate needs to make a case for him or herself. I welcomed the fact that Mr. Marking seemed to feel that asking for my vote a few times wasn't enough.

Mr. Markling went above and beyond the norm for getting his ideas in front of voters and I also appreciated that he stayed on point with his candidacy.

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