RTA #55 Cleveland State Line

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RTA #55 Cleveland State Line

Postby Robert Blum » Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:04 pm

I have ridden the Cleveland State Line many times. Sometimes my wife joins me. Like many Lakewood Cleveland residents, I do not drive, or even have a driver's license. The transportation service provided by the Cleveland State Line has been a blessing. In your Lakewood Observer article "RTA's 55 Ridden by Two Critics", page 18 of the February 3, 2015, issue you point out some of the positives of the bus line. I am very glad you pointed out the courtesy shown to you by the bus drivers, the smooth, fast service, and the on board cleanliness. You mentioned that there were few passengers on the bus you rode. This is not the usual case. I caught the bus at CSU on a recent Tuesday evening at 8:30 pm and it was full. (Well, it was Mardi Gras evening.) You also compare downtown Cleveland and Euclid Avenue today with what it was when you were a child. You did not give a year. 1955? A better comparison would be downtown today with what it was like ten years ago. Downtown is much more attractive and livelier today. Tower City looks much better than Union Terminal did in 1955. The terminal was a dark, dingy place, filled with people changing trains, who did not even want to be in Cleveland. However, I certainly agree with you about the excessive signage on Clifton. I thought it was too much when the signs kept reminding us we were on combined routes 6, 20. & 2! Perhaps RTA is using signs as their marketing. Someone needs to teach them about pop-ups.

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