LO 06 10 On Line - On The Streets - Ken Warren Back!

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LO 06 10 On Line - On The Streets - Ken Warren Back!

Postby Jim O'Bryan » Tue May 18, 2010 9:49 am


To all

Once again the little paper that started off a dream by a group of Lakewoodites takes
another step forward in our growth by going to 24 pages full color. We have done 24 in the
past but never full color. But with the growth of our other publications, and the job Maggie
Fraley and others are doing in sales, we have made the jump and hopefully will continue
to grow to 28 and 32, and who knows where?

This year has been amazing as each Observer gets established and we are able to help
each other with many things, from editing to photography to designing to advertising
which will make each publication and project stronger in the long run. Speaking with one
of our Advisors Lauren Fine last week, she said "no one in the country is growing, and you
are growing at a steady manageable rate that is seeing you build one of the most
incredible media chains every developed." As she was the top media analyst in the world,
and teaches at various colleges, and writes for such projects as the Huffington Post, Wall
Street Journal and others, she might know.

As always thank you to my crew, headed up by Margaret Brinich. This growth has taken a
toll but she has hung in there. I also want to once again thank Maggie, my wife, Betsy
Voinovich for their work on this paper. I also want to call out my road trip buddies Ivor and
Steve Davis. This issue and some amazing up coming stories are because of their
friendship. I would also like to send a thank you to my good friend, Kenneth Warren for
his article on Kent State 40 years later. Now after a break is he ready to take over the

Thank you for the continuing support of my Board, and for those that are signing up for
the new community board that will ultimately set the ton and direction of this community project.

Articles this week include:
The first part of my in depth look into LA's Housing Program.
Kent State 40 years on
Our "Looking Good" Fashion section
Storm photos
Community Calendar by Mel Page
and so much more.

Thank you all, I am so glad to live in Lakewood. I am so glad that the community has
pulled together on this project and we all support it, "the freedom of neighbors to talk
and speak openly about issues, is what America and community is all about." I pity the
city that still lives in the darkness of the old days with backdoor deals, dealings and weak
minded whisper campaigns by those that fear conversations in the light of day. One must
ask "What are they hiding?" What are they so afraid of they try to take other people's
right to speak and be heard away?" I am so glad we have all grown up and moved beyond
that here in Lakewood.

As always PEACE

Lakewood I love it because of the people,
not in spite of them.

Jim O'Bryan
Lakewood Observer, Inc.

Jim O'Bryan
Lakewood Resident

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