Thank You Lakewood!

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Thank You Lakewood!

Postby Jim O'Bryan » Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:51 am

As the staff assembles for the first time since last year to prepare the first Lakewood
Observer of 2011. We are overwhelmed by the letters of support, and increase in
writers and photographers taking part.

This will be the 3rd Observer of the year I have had the pleasure to sit in on during layout,
and I have to admit, for an idea we thought over by the third paper, it is amazing how the
public turns out when you give them ownership of their words, and provide a place for
all to place their images, words and ideas in a place that is 100% Lakewood.

I think we will all be surprised by what is coming down the pike from the LO, and other
Observers, including the new ones about to launch!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve Lakewood residents, businesses, civic agencies,
non-profits, for profits and the government. As we have always trusted you, thank you for
the return of trust.

This our 7th year in print and 8th online will be a great year!



Jim O'Bryan
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