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Justine Cooper
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Blue Onion Catering

Postby Justine Cooper » Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:40 pm

I want to remind people of the "little" business "Blue Onion Catering" on Detroit. I think they were famous for their speciality quiches and I wrote about them a few years ago when we tried their gourment stuffing (with sausage, cranberries and walnuts) cooked in a pumpkin. Awesome stuffing and a Martha Stewart presentation. I bought another pumpkin this year since I was busy making all the other sides and turkey, but also tried their pumpkin pie and newer friendship cranberry almond bread (a heavier dessert bread with cinnamon and sugar).

If you have not tried them yet, I encourage you to do so this holiday. I make no apologies for cooking some items and buying others to serve because some things I just can't do nearly as well and don't have the time. The prices are really reasonable and I have never been disappointed. I am still eating stuffing four days later too-a lot for your money!

They are online blueonioncatering and even if you just need a quiche for a brunch or co-workers it is totally worth checking out! Go local mom and pop businesses!

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Missy Limkemann
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Re: Blue Onion Catering

Postby Missy Limkemann » Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:00 pm

We had them for my father in law's surprise birthday party in September. I was blown away by the service, the taste of the food, the way it was packaged and the price. Shocked was more like it. They are FANTASTIC and affordable. I will use them over and over for all of my parties as they were a hit.

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