LAKEWOOD OBSERVER (Observably not objective)

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Christopher Bindel
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Re: LAKEWOOD OBSERVER (Observably not objective)

Postby Christopher Bindel » Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:23 pm

Although you might not have singled me out, you did pretty much say that you thought that not a single writer on the Observer staff was capable of writing a non-biased piece. As I am a regular contributing writer of the Observer I consider my self a member of that staff and there for you were directing your comments at me as well.

You are right that Council articles should only be the facts and a report of what happened at the meeting. That is all my articles are. Please feel free to read any of them. There has been one in almost every Observer for almost two years.

Heather Ramsey
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Re: LAKEWOOD OBSERVER (Observably not objective)

Postby Heather Ramsey » Sun Jan 23, 2011 1:02 pm

steve fecser wrote:And yes, I was wondering about the editing. Was it done to conserve space?

You didn't seem to recognize that I included "working on improving it" as what should be happening in the community. I didn't say just to pretend things are great when they're not. But if a group is doing something good, there's nothing wrong with promoting it, which is what a lot of articles in the paper are.

As far as editing, I'm not aware of any substantial portions being removed. I did suggest removing the numerous links, but that's about it.

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