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Window Display Improvements MAMA Program

Postby Melissa Page » Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:19 pm

This is an effort to increase attention and interest that Madison Avenue is open for business! Details still need to be sorted out and put in place. Please share your ideas and resources. We should get something in place by April/May.

Resources to help businesses spruce up their window display:

a.) 3 of our newest businesses who have an eye for creating welcoming and eye catching window displays are offering to help. Can give ideas and/or possibly do purchasing of props and set up for a fee.

b.) Virginia Marti students as an extra-curricular project for their Visual Class. Maybe one or two a quarter starting this April. Potential to implement as class curriculum by fall if it catches on.

c.) As part of this program, any props and equipment purchases would be sought out from Madison Avenue businesses first.

d.) Vinyl lettering- Metropolitan Homestaging can order vinyl lettering at reasonable prices. Contact her directly: 15226 Madison; ph. 228-2348.

e.) Window Display Contest – we could easily hold some sort of contest for best window display. As well as giving businesses an incentive to step up their window displays, this would be great publicity opportunity using Lakewood Observer.

Have you noticed how appealing 4 of our newest businesses window displays are?
Needful Things 13339, Metropolitan Homestaging 15226, RoVal Design 15617, & Beshe’ 15707. Welcome to Madison Avenue!

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