September 2010 MAMA Planning Meeting - Structure of Assoc.

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September 2010 MAMA Planning Meeting - Structure of Assoc.

Postby Melissa Page » Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:02 pm

On Wednesday, September 22, 2010 MAMA held a special meeting to assess the structure, mission, and objectives for 2011 year. The participants of this meeting were picked by me, Standing Chairperson of MAMA. They were chosen based on past meeting attendance, support to me as Chair, and their expression to want to help more.

History of MAMA - In 2007 a few Madison Ave. business owners recognized the need to start an association that would bring Madison Avenue businesses together for the common interest of bringing more customers to Madison Ave. businesses. The partnership with founders of the Lakewood Observer was instrumental in the launching of the group. Pioneer leader Justine Cooper, chaired MAMA until 2008 and as long as this group continues she won't be forgotten for the work and dedication she has put into MAMA. Pretty regular meetings were held bringing businesses together for the first time to share and network with one another. A couple projects and a couple events were tackled with some working better than others. With the challenge of over 250 independent and small businesses of amazing variety and diversity requires patience for sure.

I've been chairing MAMA for nearly 2 years now. Now as 2011 approaches, more projects and events under our belt, some more successful than others, we are better prepared to shape how this association should be structured, who all should be included, what is the common mission of the large diversity of our participants, and how we might try to accomplish this fairly with the time, money, and resources we have. MAMA is not a 501 c 3, does not receive funding, and has not implemented annual membership dues. Any projects or events are treated as a "pay to play" structure and has worked okay like this so far.

The Planning Meeting Minutes - In attendance at the meeting were: Miss Donna of Silhouette Dance, Sharon Marrell of Marrell Musical Instrument Repair, Christina Ermidis of Omega Cuts, Carol Lynn of Carol Lynn's Salon, and Kathy Curran of Goddess Blessed.

Name of the Association
The name of the association has been Madison Avenue Merchant Association and MAMA as its acronym. All present would like to try shortening the name to Madison Avenue Merchants leaving MAM as the acronym. I'll report any problems this presents at October meeting.

Mission Statement
It was agreed that the existing MAM mission statement still fits appropriately. It is:
Madison Avenue Merchants Association is dedicated to connecting Madison Avenue area businesses to the surrounding community. Thereby, raising the level of residential and commercial activity consistent with the interests of Lakewood citizenry and smart, sustainable economic practices.

General Meetings - 9 Regular monthly meetings per year would be held from March to November. They will be on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 9am to 10:15am. Held at a different business every month.
Board Meetings - 3 Board meetings per year held January/February, April, July.

Board Positions - 8 positions being formed. Positions will continue to be added as needed and there is a willing and able person. If you have an interest or want more information on what roles might best fit you please contact me!
Chairperson/Secretary - Mel Page
Meeting Programs Chair - Open
Meeting Hospitality Chair - Carol Lynn Congeni, Carol Lynn's Salon & Christina Ermidis, Omega Cuts
Ward 4 Rep - Open
Ward 3 Rep - Sharon of Marrell Instrument
Ward 2 Rep - Carol Lynn, Carol Lynn's Salon & Kathy Curran, Goddess Blessed
Ward 1 Rep - Open
Lakewood Family Collaborative Rep - Miss Donna of Silhouette Dance Studio

There are about 85 businesses on the MAMA contact list. Level of involvement varies and can be as minimum as me just being in touch with them about what MAMA is doing by email or stopping in for visit. It was agreed that we should continue to be all-inclusive as we continue to establish the association. That means no membership requirements or fees to be part of association. This will be revisited next year.

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