New plantings and compost tea.. and more

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Karlyn Green
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New plantings and compost tea.. and more

Postby Karlyn Green » Sun Jun 17, 2007 11:17 pm


After Lynn and I harvested the greens I planted a few more items in the spots where other plants have died or been killed. I marked all of them with little wood pieces, except the flowers I planted in the corners of the beds., so for now, lets not weed the corners. I am not sure if it is too late for seeds, but I thought it might not hurt to try. I planted two kinds of amaranth, a grain and also a beautiful vace feature...And, the thinnings can be thrown in salads. I also planted some ornamental gourds. They should be fun for the fall. I also snuck in some NON-INVASIVE* morning glorys at the base of the sunflower sign, again, it might be too late for them, but what the hell, they sure would be a special little treat if they made it. They are a gorgeous sky blue.
I also thought it might be a good idea to plant some pepper plants, or anything to replace the spot were we took out the greens. I guess I might try and do that this week, unless there is cry for something else...

next weekend I want to set up shop to brew some 'LEAF' compost tea. I have been reading about it and I want to try it out. It would be an excellent way to replenish the beds with nutrients..... let me know if there is any interest in learning and helping.

I hid the new short hose with the sprinklers under some hay. and I hid the chicken wire near there.

OH, and I guess we are meeting at the garden wednesday eve to fence our little nibbling friend out. But something tells me he might outsmart us two leggeds.

one more thing... turns out the cauliflower turned boc choy, has maybe turned back into cauliflower... but the greens are yummy none the less...


*that was for you girrrrrl


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