Ahh, the pleasure of this Fit Tip #4 for dads:

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Ahh, the pleasure of this Fit Tip #4 for dads:

Postby Liz Donnelly » Sat Jun 20, 2009 12:27 pm

Dads, don’t you deserve a foot massage? Will the Mrs. laugh at the prospect. Well, don’t worry because I got you covered (no, I can’t make it over to do the massage, you’ll have to take care of that yourself).

This is what I come across time and again when I evaluate people for during a fitness assessment: their feet are pronated. Essentially, that means the arches are falling inward and changing the way their feet touch the ground, the way the ankles move over the feet, the way the knees line up over the ankles and feet and how the thighs and hips operate all the way up to the head. (Yes, your body is all connected, even if you feel like you’re running around headless sometimes - we’ll blame the kids on that one.) :wink:

The foot massage, you see, is more than a mere pleasure, it becomes a necessity. If the Mrs. is still shaking her head “no” and you’ve already clipped your bear claws so they won’t cut holes in your socks, then here’s what you can do (you can also watch the video online at http://FamilyFitnessGuru.com):
    1. Get out your golf ball or super ball.
    2. Take off your shoes (socks are optional)
    3. Stand up with ball under on foot.
    4. Hold onto a support and start to roll the ball under your foot.
    Do this for a minute on each foot and “hang out” in places where the foot feels tight. It will start “talking to you” before too long, so don’t change sides until your a good minute into your self-massage.
    5. Change to the other foot and roll it out.

Check out the video at: http://FamilyFitnessGuru.com

If you’re concerned about pronation and have not seen a podiatrist, then you’re going to want to investigate that option. He or she can see if you need additional help to prevent further arch-falling.

This massage will help the tissues on the bottom of your foot (plantar side) to relax and become more pliable. This aids in foot movement and feels great! Let me know how it works for you.

Stay tuned for Tip #5: Building Super-hero Strength and special advice from an experienced father of 13! You will not want to miss this.

Your family fitness guru,

Liz Donnelly
Personal Trainer/Fitcamp Coach
IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist -1


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