Here's Fit Tip #5 for Dads & Tip From a Lakewood Dad of 13

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Here's Fit Tip #5 for Dads & Tip From a Lakewood Dad of 13

Postby Liz Donnelly » Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:47 am

When you’re stressing because you haven’t fit in a workout or you are feeling some guilt because you know you should be doing something to help your body get stronger, then look no further.

I’m going to show you a simple, free way to get a strong upper and lower body with the use of your kids. They’ll have fun AND so will you. You’ll sweat, you’ll feel the intensity and you’ll come out a true leader of your tribe.

It’s the family push-up and lunge program and you can do it in short bursts in between goofing off with the kids. Watch this video and pay attention to technique.

Also watch the video where a special father of 13 and grandfather of 47 shares his fatherly advice to dads.

Stay tuned this week for more fit tips.

Your family fitness guru,

Liz Donnelly
Personal Trainer/Fitcamp Coach
IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist -1

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