Cultivating Good Order: Us and Them

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Dan Slife
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Cultivating Good Order: Us and Them

Postby Dan Slife » Thu May 24, 2007 2:50 pm


While watering last evening, Mike was confronted by Teresa.

After creeping by once with her dog, she rushed into the garden on a second pass to ensure that Mike wasn't "tearing out her plants, like you did before". Mike offered to water her plants..... she was not interested.

At this point, it is unapparent whether this women is mistaking the work of the ground hog for LEAF's doing, or is just plane crazy.

Regarless, I suggest that we lend a helping hand despite her hostility. When I water, I will also water Teresa's 2x4 and the plot to the back right of the garden, which she claimed sometime within the last 2 weeks.

Gail Higgins did confirm this AM that Teresa's writing about the "city saying she can have" the plot are unfounded. Gail has made it clear to Teresa that the city does not, and is not interested in acting as a regulatory body.

Gardening at Plover Patch is laizee-fair.

Both Lynn and I have made contact with one of the established farmers at the garden, Pete. Pete is in contact with the rest of the established gardeners. It was Pete who responded to Lynn on behalf of Teresa concerning a note Lynne left to for her, requesting her to call.

It will be in the best interest of all parties involved if we can convene a meeting between our group and the established gardeners. Pete is enthusiatic, glad to see that the rest of the land is being worked.

Let's shoot for tenative date of the evening of June 11 or 12, after 6:00 pm. Post and let me know which date is best.

Dan Slife
Karlyn Green
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Postby Karlyn Green » Thu May 24, 2007 7:27 pm

We should make it a pot luck, people respond well to free food.
either way, I will be there.

Lynn Rodemann
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Postby Lynn Rodemann » Tue May 29, 2007 8:43 am

I can do what ever let me know... damn this woman is crazy... none of us have done anything to her... and infact i say no one water her plot because she might think that we are ruining it. she can have her peas but im not trying to deal with the mentaly ill... im down with the free food part..

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Amy Bennett
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Postby Amy Bennett » Tue May 29, 2007 7:37 pm

I have much experience with crazy people (my mother is a psych nurse and I have a few touched family members) and this is my 2 cents about Teresa: BOUNDARIES, kindness, no positive or negative attention, and take none of this personally. This is how she lives her life and it has nothing to do with us or her space at Plover. One thing for sure: crazies feed on attention and drama of any sort. I agree with the solution Dan posted: water for her and give her the one last space. After that, she needs to back off. If she crabs about the watering, we stop.

She's probably trainable. Crazy people really don't bother me and if we need a representative to talk to her, I'll do it. She probably really enjoys the triangulation that's going on with Pete. And poor Pete to be in the middle!

Shall we put Nutty on the agenda for Saturday?


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