Observing Planet Lakewood

This summer Lakewoodites walking, biking and hanging out on our city streets should take notice. The Lakewood Observer is listening to the community voice at ground level. We're patrolling the streets of Lakewood to capture the pulse of our community.

What does the Observer want to know? We're out to discover each person's story, why you are here, what might retain you, your experiences as citizen and what you'd like to see happen. By tapping into this diverse universe of personal stories we hope to understand and articulate more fully the city we love. The Lakewood Observer is working to fulfill its mission of a civic journalism that is wholly receptive and participatory. Tell us your story - we're listening.

On every block and in every neighborhood there are individuals who have something to teach us about the city and ourselves. Highlighting these perspectives on the Lakewood experience, will allow all of us to gain a better understanding of what our city really is and how we could transform it.

The possibilities for civic innovation lie within the imaginations of the body politic. In Darwinian terms, our ability to transform as a municipality in an age of job scarcity and a widening income gap will depend on both the adaptation and variation of the experience and knowledge in our midst. Through sharing our experiences and knowledge as citizens we can become a City of Citizens engaged in strategic long term planning.

Can a city of 55,0000+, packed densely into six square miles of civic space collectively develop a voice of resistance to the forces that might diffuse its assets and dilute its character? If you think we can, watch for the Lakewood Observer Socio-Anthropological assessment team this summer and tell us your story. We're listening. And better yet, join in the discussion at www.lakewoodobserver.com/forum
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Volume 1, Issue 2, Posted 05.10 PM / 19th July 2005.