Szechwan Gardens: East meets West for a Pleasant Food Experience

Most reviews in other publications show off newer places with weird food stacked in odd arrangements on non-conforming plates to be different and exciting. We have taken a softer approach and decided for this issue to dedicate our time and tastes to a local eatery that has been satisfying Asian food lovers for 22 years. Mr. Hoa Lam took ownership of Szechwan Gardens restaurant in 1987 and re-vamped the menu in 1993. The establishment serves up authentic Chinese and Mandarin cuisine in a simple and comfortable setting. A quiet out of the way place that has a loyal following.

We stopped in for lunch and ordered away frivolously knowing we could not possibly eat everything but looking forward to eating leftovers at home. We started off with two appetizers of the 6 offered on the luncheon menu. They were both excellent. First was Crab Rangoon a serving of 5 Rangoons ( star shaped crisply fried wontons with a sweet filling of crab, cream cheese, and other secret ingredients.) followed by homemade pot stickers (pan-fried dumplings). Ours were stuffed with spicy sausage and mild exotic herbs.

Next we sampled the Egg Drop soup; incredibly rich broth full of buttery eggs, chives, and light vegetables - delicious, thick and very hot. (Careful!)

For our entrées we selected Hunan Beef (spicy please) and Shrimp with Garlic sauce. Both were ample portions loaded with meats and veggies, along with chewy brown rice. Service was polite and attentive.

We asked Alice, the manager, why she believes Szechwan Gardens enjoys such a loyal following. She responded, "People know our food is authentic" and "People love our value on all items". She went on to say that the favorite appetizers are Crab Rangoon, and pot stickers (coincidentally) and dinner entrée favorites include General TSO'S Chicken (a brown spicy sauce served with crispy fried chicken) a bargain for only $11.25 as well as Szechwan Spiced Lobster and Hunan Lobster both offered for only $14.95. We also highly recommend the General TSO's Chicken here.

The atmosphere is simple and background music is corny Chinese sounding stuff just to get you in the mood for some serious eating. At these prices, we promise you will not go away hungry.

Daily and Weekly Specials abound and there is a full bar with cocktails, a limited wine list, and beers. Soft drinks, teas, and coffee are also available.

Hours of Operation:
Lunch M-F 11:30 till 2:30 Dinner 4:30-9:30 M-Thurs.
Dinner till 10:30 Fri & Sat and Sunday 4:00 till 9:00
Telephone (216) 226-1987 13800 Detroit Ave.
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Volume 1, Issue 9, Posted 12.13 PM / 15th November 2005.