The Versatile Wobblefoot Gallery

Diversity is pervasive at the Wobblefoot Gallery, a peek around the corner from Madison Avenue at 1662 Mars. Behind its deceptively small storefront lies a long hall displaying soothing watercolors of freight ships and detailed nature landscapes by featured artist, Chris Gregg, and two large adjoining gallery rooms holding portraits, a smidge of impressionistic work and plenty of imaginative paintings involving animals of various genuses.

In my two visits to this gallery and framing studio owned by Tubal Cogar, I found the animal pictures to be particularly intriguing. Upon first entering Wobblefoot on the night of the October MAMA artwalk, my attention slipped past the Kachina dolls at the entrance and the already noted freight ships and landed on a large oil painting of a jungle elephant metamorphosing in stages into a butterfly.

If this concept compelled me, I was taken to another level by the numerous and somewhat surrealistic acrylics by Robert Tubbesing in the first display room. His one or two human and animal figures in each work are dwarfed by elaborate surroundings so fantastical and intricate as to boggle the mind. In "Cathedral Tiger", a construct of multi-hued, geometrical patterns frame the image of a tiger with haunting light green eyes.

Also of interest at Wobblefoot is a book written and illustrated by Tubal, entitled "The Journeys of Wobblefoot". It can now be ordered at the shop and online at From the looks of a sample copy, it is quite an adventure, a book for both children and adults, accompanied by colorful beautifully executed illustrations. Hours at the gallery are convenient -- 10 A.M - 5 P.M, Tuesday - Friday, Saturday, 10 A.M. - 3 P.M., and Monday by appointment. For more information, call -- (216) 226-2971 or visit the website.

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Volume 3, Issue 25, Posted 6:24 PM, 11.19.2007