Madison Avenue Summer Walk

A group of businesses have joined together and revitalized Madison Avenue Merchants Association, MAMA. This group is dedicated to keeping Madison Avenue vibrant and thriving. They kicked off on June 16 with Summer Walk which appeared to be a great success. When I strolled along there were several people buzzing around Madison Avenue businesses, including councilperson Mary Louise Madigan and council candidates, Dan Shields and Tom Bullock.

It was refreshing to see not only so many loyal Lakewoodites out to support Lakewood businesses, but dedicated council candidates truly showing support for a great asset to this city, the businesses. Goddess Blessed had a special tarot reader as well as a raffle for a gas card won by Mary Louise Madigan The owner, Kathy, stated “I think our first event was a success. Thanks to all who participated.”

Class Act Resale had refreshments and a raffle for a $50 gift certificate for Maria’s restaurant generously donated from the Detroit Avenue business, which was won by Kristen Burns. Lakewood Hardware’s raffle for a $50 gift certificate made winner Genevieve Vannatter happy to get ready for some home improvements. Hardware store owner, Glenn Palmer’s wife owns Cuttin Loose across from his business and was thrilled to give winner Ruth Svoboda a gift certificate for her salon.

Silhouette Dance Studio’s owner Donna was excited to offer a free month’s of dance lessons with costume included. Carabel’s owner, Bonnie, stated “It was really nice to see some new faces popping in and hopefully some will come back for a new hair do.”

Joe’s Deli, The Coffee Pot, Lakewood Home Furnishings Omega Cuts and Fuzion Martial Arts were also thrilled to be a part of this new community-building group of energized individuals and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the new and familiar faces coming by.

The big cash winners of the day were Mary Louise Kirk ($150) and Mike Deneen ($50) just for stopping by 8 out of 10 of the businesses.

Overall the Summer Walk was a great success in getting people to stop in to new businesses. I enjoy writing about individual business for my Secret Shopper column, but I cannot stress enough the importance of patronizing all Lakewood businesses as a way to contribute to the community and keep Lakewood quaint and unique from other commercialized suburbs. I hear so many comments from friends coming to visit Lakewood how fun and “cool” they think it is. The only way to keep it distinct is to be a part of the community in keeping it safe and clean and visiting the local family-owned businesses.

Kudos to all the loyal residents and out-of-towners that came out to visit businesses in Lakewood and to those who shop locally!


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Volume 3, Issue 13, Posted 7:06 PM, 06.21.2007