Class Act Resale is in a Class all its Own

This month's Secret Shopper pick has become one of my favorite Lakewood shops. Since my first visit several months ago, I have shopped and consigned at the special boutique, CLASS ACT RESALE SHOPPE, 15649 Madison Avenue, on the corner of Morrison and Madison Avenue in Lakewood. This shop doesn’t look or feel like any consignment shop I have been to before and has unique and artistic finds. Class Act Resale is really more like an upscale boutique with a variety of new and slightly used designer clothes, artisan works, antiques and wonderful vintage finds at affordable prices with free gift wrapping.

I love the assortment of fine artwork (much of it provided by local artists, including Lakewood photographer Lucian Bartosik) and I have also been able to find several authentic framed oil paintings for under $150, designer clothes for under $20, several very nice pieces of vintage jewelry and handmade jewelry (by Lakewood artisans, Janet Beattie, Anne Medzie and Renee Rothhaas) and gorgeous Coach and designer handbags for under $100. If you enjoy a combination of high-end resale, consignment and antique shops, then you will love this shop for its eclectic home decor items as well. You have to circle the store two or three times to see everything. It is a unique concept the owner developed more than two decades ago – to couple furniture, jewelry and antiques with local artisan pieces and clothing.

Class Act Resale Shoppe is as classy as its name implies, and it’s as fun and lively as its owner, Sharon K. Neura. She's a former interior decorator for Ethan Allen (while a student at JCU) and more recently a former VP of Marketing/PR for Samaritan Regional Health System in Ashland County. She definitely has a knack for making used items look spectacular. All the store fixtures were designed by her and the shop’s layout features a look similar to that of Urban Outfitters, Smith & Hawken or The Gap.

It’s decorated so beautifully that everybody is talking about the New York and Chicago ambiance. Even its window decorations draw cars to a halt at the intersection of Madison and Morrison. It is definitely the new hot spot in town to shop. I must say it’s a refreshing welcome addition to the neighborhood on Madison Avenue. It is located on the same block as other well-loved Lakewood businesses which makes for a nice shop hop. This shop in a space that laid vacant for nearly 16 years definitely attracts a nice crowd from all over since it opened last November. It brings out the regular resale shoppers in town, but it really seems to attract the clientele which normally wouldn't be caught shopping at a resale establishment, let alone buying such items for friends and family members there. For so many that venture into this wonderful shop it is the neat selection of items including designer clothing, chic fashion accessories, vintage hats, unique costume jewelry, home decor and plenty of fine artwork that seems to catch the eye. For me it is the overall presentation I like best. It looks like it belongs on a hot and energized street in the SOHO district of New York City except the prices are nothing like NYC.

This shop has great product provided by an assortment of high-end consigners and a careful selection of fine items. It does take time to build up quality inventory and this shop is full of great things just in time for spring and summer. More items are turned away than are accepted for consignment typically for 60 days making the products you see all fresh and unique. I have been in the shop several times and heard people ask, “Are the things in the store all new?”. People seem to be shocked when they find out most of the things they see are consignments, but that is really what makes shopping here a real treat. This shop needs to be on the map for the entire Lakewood community. I highly encourage you to check it out. Madison Avenue needs a resurgence of businesses and Class Act Resale Shoppe has a great reputation, a friendly and dynamic owner and a warm boutique feeling. When I asked Sharon, “why Madison Avenue?” she smiled and pointed to the street sign outside her shop’s front door and replied, “It’s on Madison Avenue, and that in itself, sounds so New York.”

Class Act Resale is also part of Madison Avenue Merchants Association (Mama), a group of dedicated and passionate business owners who are working together to keep Madison Ave. alive, vibrant, and thriving. Look for upcoming events of Mama, including cash raffles, specials, etc. just for walking in the store and checking them out. Without Mama Lakewood would not be Lakewood!

Class Act Resale 216-712-6977

Hours Tues, Wed. Fri, & Sat 10-6; Mon 12-8


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Volume 3, Issue 11, Posted 10:50 AM, 05.23.2007