Lion and Blue

One of the draws to Lakewood, whether to live or to visit, is the fact that the city has unique boutiques and mom and pop eateries. Imagine some of the true Lakewood boutiques. I'm venturing to bet one of those staple shops that comes to mind is the Lion and Blue on 15106 Detroit Rd. (529-2328) owned by Tina and Michael Dolawski, Lakewood residents for 11 years.

Lion and Blue is one of those really fun and funky shops that help define Lakewood. When you walk in the scent alone takes you to an island somewhere far from here. Then the eclectic mix of imported items makes you feel as if you are on a little shopping trip in a village on that island. The shopping experience brings you a range of unique items, from sterling silver jewelry, to cotton clothing and colorful sarongs, to artistic pieces for the home, and much more.

Lion and Blue is on my list of boutiques to hit when I need a birthday gift for the girl who has everything, but loves something new. You can choose from hanging hand-made clay pots for the rustic look or little glass “vases” made from old looking medicine bottles. Do you have a little hippie child? Grab a tied dyed skirt or onesie. Are you a true walker in need of the best walking shoes? Then pick up a pair of Birkenstocks here. Taking a belly dancing class through the Board of Recreation? Yes, you can get your cymbals and scarf at Lion and Blue!

You will have fun perusing the walls and shelves of this Lakewood gem regardless of what you're looking for. The energy in the room is light and warm. The youthful air filters over from the Phoenix Coffee Shop next door. I have yet to venture into the doors of Lion and Blue without seeing others there. They have a solid following, but if we don’t continue to support them and what they bring to Lakewood; well, I would hate to think of the consequences.

So when you are ready to leave the “island” of Lakewood, for the island shopping village of Lion and Blue, be prepared to leave the world behind and soak your senses in the rich atmosphere of treasures at very affordable rates. Bon Voyage!

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 10:25 AM, 03.28.2007