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One of my favorite ethnic foods is the pierogi. A Polish specialty, it is a half moon shaped dumpling filled with various mixtures, often cabbage, onion, and potato. Dishes known as perogi, perogy, piroghi, pirogi, pirozhki, piroshki or pyrohy are versions of pierogi. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the pierogis are of virtually untraceable central European origin; claims have been staked by the Poles, Romanians, Russians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Slovaks, and Rusyns. Similarity to dumplings found in the Far East such as Chinese potstickers fuels speculation well-founded or not that the Mongols and Tatars brought the recipe to the West. 

What could be better than a potato or any food wrapped in dough to a Lithuanian carbohydrate lover like me? Many areas on the east coast and other parts of this country do not offer pierogis and often people outside of this area have never even heard of them, so I am thrilled to have a source right here in my hometown where I can obtain pierogis.


The only place I know in Lakewood where you can regularly buy fresh homemade pierogis is Baba’s Kitchen in Sts. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church at 12711 Madison Ave. Baba’s Kitchen is run by the members of the church. The “kitchen staff” spends hours hand rolling the dough and stuffing the pierogis, as well as making stuffed cabbage, rich desserts, and other specialties, all for the benefit of the church.


I stock my freezer with their homemade delicacy, a bargain at four dollars a dozen and always receive rave reviews from dinner guests. The church cooks who are mostly men are warm and friendly and you will always receive a smile with your order. The only day of the week Baba's Kitchen is open is Friday from 11a.m-6 p.m. and the Lenten season is busy! I serve pierogis lightly sautéed in butter with a sauce of half sour cream, half butter melted on top, just like momma. Maybe Chef Geoff can offer some other cream recipes!


Take advantage of the only Kitchen in Lakewood with this ethnic homemade specialty!

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