02.04.08 10:56 - Dangerous Drugs

Address: 1456 Waterbury Ave.


Number Arrested: 2

Statue/Ordinance: Dangerous Drugs 3599/Grug Paraphernalia 3506

Incident Report:

Mo- By having Marijuana,a Marijuana joint, rolling papers and a drug pipe in their possession.

On 02/04/D8, I was running radar on Waterbury in the area of 1487 Waterbury. I clocked a tan colored, Ford, F 150, going 38 mph in the 25 mph zone. When this truck passed my location it suddenly slowed down and the ladder that was in the back of the truck slide forward and made a noise as it hit the bed of the truck. I observed that both the driver and passenger in the truck were not wearing their seat belts. I stopped this truck in front of 1456 Waterbury.

When I approached the truck, I could smell a strong odor of Marijuana coming from inside the truck. I asked the driver who was later identified as, ROBERT L. CLARK JR., and the passenger, who had the Marijuana. The passenger who was identified as, WILLIAM R. SHEPHERD, stated that he had the Marijuana. SHEPHERD pulled a small baggy of Marijuana and a Marijuana joint out of his right front pants pocket, SHEPHERD also removed a pack of Joker rolling papers from this pocket.

At this time I called for a backup officer. Officer Jerdonek arrived on scene. I asked both CLARK and SHEPHERD if there were any more illegal drugs in the truck. CLARK reached down by the home made center console and grabbed a plastic baggy which contained more Marijuana.

I had SHEPHERD step out of the auto and he was searched incident to his arrest and nothing else was found. Before I had CLARK step out of the truck he handed me a home made drug pipe. CLARK advised that this had been left in the truck by another person. CLARK was removed from the auto and he was searched incident to his arrest and nothing else was found on his person. Due to the probable cause that there had been drugs in the truck, I searched the truck and no other drugs or drug paraphernalia was located.

I issued CLARK traffic citation D 159095 for speed and seat belt and misdemeanor citation M 38660 for Drug Paraphernalia. SHEPHERD was issued traffic citation D 159094 for seat belt and misdemeanor citation M 38661 for Drug Paraphernalia. They were both released on citation.

I tested the suspected Marijuana with a Narkit and it came back positive. The Marijuana, rolling papers and drug pipe were confiscated, tagged and placed in the drug chute at LPD.
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Volume 4, Issue 4, Posted 5:36 PM, 02.13.2008