02.04.08 13:42 - Breaking and Entering

Address: 2127 Wascana Ave.


Number Arrested: Report

Statue/Ordinance: Breaking and Entering 2205

Incident Report:

M01: By breaking a glass pane in the rear door of 2127 Wascana Ave., reaching in and unlocking door, entering and taking copper pipes from basement without permission or consent.


On 2-4-08 at 1342 hrs. officers were detailed to 2127 Wascana Ave. on the report of the residence having been broken into and the copper pipes stolen from the basement.

On arrival I spoke with COM/FARAH ISSA. ISSA stated that his construction company is remodeling the residence for the owner, VICITHOMAS CUTURA. ISSA advised that at about 1300 hrs. he got a phone call from one of his employees that the copper had been stolen from the residence. ISSA

responded to the residence, advised CUTURA, then called LPD.

I spoke with CUTURA via telephone. He stated that he was last at the property on 2-3-08 at about 1 ODO hrs. He advised that at that time, there was no damage and nothing was missing. CUTURA stated that prosecution was desired. He was advised of solvability factors.

2127 Wascana Ave. is asingle family home on the west side of the street. The house is unoccupied and currently for sale. It has a front door that faces east towards Wascana Ave. The rear door faces west towards the garage. The rear door is metal and has a glass window on the top of the door. The suspect(s) used a pry bar or other object to pry on the base of the window near the dead bolt lock. In doing so, the door was bent at the base of the window and the glass shattered. The suspoct(s) then reached in and unlocked the door. Once inside, the copper was removed from the basement only. It appears that tin snips were used to cut the pipes and the remaining pieces of copper's edges were pinched where they were cut. It is believed that the suspect(s) exited out the rear door as the front door was found secure.

INV. GEARY #71 responded to process the scene. Photos were taken, no latents were obtained.

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Volume 4, Issue 4, Posted 5:39 PM, 02.13.2008