02.05.08 20:16 - Breaking and Entering 2205

Address: 13452 Merl Ave.


Number of suspects: Report

Statue/Ordinance: Breaking and Entering 2205

Incident Report:

Topic Original Report

M.O. By breaking the rear window, by unknown means, entering the residence, and cutting the copper water piping, by unknown means, without the owners permission and leave with same.

Lt. Warner, Sir,

On 2-5-08, 1 was detailed to 13447 Merl, regarding a house that had been broken into. See report #08-001037 for further details. After taking that report, I checked the surrounding houses and noticed the vacant house at 13452 Merl had a broken rear window, and the back door was open. I checked the residence and found the listed copper piping was also missing from this residence. Nothing else in the house was disturbed. The piping appeared to be cut by some type of tool or wire cutters. The basement appeared like nothing else was disturbed except the piping. There was also no visible running water or water damage in the house.

I had dispatch try to locate a number for the owner, but was unsuccessful. Dispatch also left a message for OIV/SHELIA KOFEK, who works for Realty One and is the one selling the house. At the time this report was done, I could not get in contact with an owner or realtor.

INV. FIORITTO responded for E.T. work.
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Volume 4, Issue 4, Posted 5:46 PM, 02.13.2008