Clear Clutter-Gain Wealth

Everyday we are bombarded with messages about the state of our economy: rising food costs, record high prices at the gas pump, families losing their homes, and mass lay-offs. We all know it is next to impossible to sell a house in this market, right? Not so! Selling a home is a state of mind to be sure, but the chance of success could be the state of your home. I am talking about clutter.

Feng Shui- the process by which we work with energy in our space to improve the quality of our lives- views clutter as stagnant or stuck energy that affects our well-being. Clutter can be defined as those things in our space that we don’t use or love, broken objects, or unfinished projects.

Unwanted clutter drains us of our energy and leaves us feeling overwhelmed, tired, sick, or even depressed. Things in our home we regularly use and love give us energy and make us feel focused, confident, and secure.

When we begin to deal with the clutter in our home it is a symbolic shift. We stop looking for answers to financial problems outside of ourselves; instead, we look within for the answers that will change our current financial status.

The state of our economy, for example, is a larger, outside situation we cannot control. But when we begin to clean up our own space, our internal selves and the things we can control, we realize we do hold the answers to our problems. By removing the unwanted clutter we are making room for new opportunities, thus attracting situations that will improve our financial stability.

As you are doing your spring cleaning visualize abundance and try not to focus on what you don’t have, but what you want to attract to you. Think, “I have a great job, financial security and a high quality of life”, as opposed to “I wish I had a better job and better finances”.

To help attract wealth, first try fixing broken items around your house (ie. that unbalanced chair at the table), replacing broken light bulbs and getting rid of broken mirrors on your list. Also, clean your windows, especially those on your front door and remove clutter from your porch or the entrance to your house. Clear away dead plants and flowers -try silk foliage instead. Keep your stove spic and span and make sure all the burners are working properly. Lastly, fix any leaks and drips (in Feng Shui it is always recommended to keep the toilet seat down as the pull of flushing water is equated to a pull on one’s wealth).

If you want to plant flowers, consider planting red and purple flowers, which represent wealth. If you want to sell your house, consider potted flowers in shades of yellow at the entrance and avoid prickly or thorny plants in the front of the house.

If it has been a while since you’ve tried to de-clutter, start on small projects. If you are feeling tired or sick, leave a project for another day and stop if you start to feel overwhelmed. Beginners can use a timer and add time as you get better at de-cluttering. Ask for help and get the whole family involved in the process. Consider your family’s busy schedule as well as the time of the year; for instance, big, sticky jobs are better tackled during warmer months with the windows open.

In addition, plan de-cluttering projects when you can commit to finishing the job. Unfinished de-cluttering projects are just another form of clutter.


Still don’t know where to start? Start by asking yourself a few questions as you’re looking at the piles around your house or office:

1. Do I love it?
2. Do I need it?
3. Does it reflect who I am at this point in my life?
4. Does it have positive emotional attachment?
5. If it needs to be repaired am I willing to pay to fix it now?

If you are answering NO to any of these questions then it is time to let it go. Things can be recycled, given with love, or maybe it is time for the garbage. Remember, the benefits of removing unwanted clutter can be felt immediately!

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Volume 4, Issue 13, Posted 9:36 AM, 06.14.2008