Colin Update 11/14/08



Now that Colin doesn’t have to take Dilantin at 7:00 am, we don’t have an alarm clock. We woke up a little late this morning and had to do a little rushing. Not to worry, Colin still got his shower, and managed to eat breakfast, he just had to move at a rapid pace. I’m sure the nurses would have woken him eventually, but with me here they tend to leave things to me.

PT was first today and we had to practice getting Colin in and out of the van. I help him stand. Then he steps onto a small stool and turns his back to the van with my guidance. Next, he sits on the seat. Finally, he pivots his legs into the van with a little help from me. After buckling the seatbelt he is good to go. To get out of the van the process is obviously reversed. Naomi showed us how easy it is to fold his new collapsible wheelchair. So the day pass is as good as ours. For the sake of purpose (justification and paperwork) they will be writing a couple goals for Colin to achieve from this trip and we well assess the outcome on Monday.

Colin is very excited for the day trip. He wants to see his hockey team play a game. It just so happens they are playing at home this weekend and it is picture day. His brother, Brendan has a game at home that day, too. So I’ll get to see him play as well as Colin’s team. Maybe after the games we’ll do lunch and go home for a couple hours before we have to come back to the hospital. We’ll let Colin decide – it’s his day.

Rich, from Orthotic and Prosthetic Specialties, brought Colin his AFO today. I wasn’t expecting it until next week. Maybe they were doing us a favor since they know our family so well from Megan. I wonder? Anyway, it was exciting – yes, I said, exciting. Just how could a plastic leg brace be exciting you ask? When he had the brace on, Naomi put a single canvas strap around Colin’s chest, stood him up and had him walk across the gym floor. She held him with one hand! I am amazed that a foot orthotic can make that big of a difference, but it did. It supports the foot and keeps it from dragging. The movement is still only generated from his thigh and he doesn’t have the balance to do it completely on his own. But, it was wonderful to watch. (No, I didn’t have my camera to snap a photo.)

Colin got a new roommate today. His name is Ted. He is from Avon Lake – our neck of the woods. He and his Aunt Kelly seem very nice. And, I think her nephews play hockey and might even know Brendan. Small world.

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