Colin Teets Update 10/16/08

Posted 10/16
Colin is spending increasing time off the Bi-Pap machine which assists his breathing.  He is more alert and aware of his situation.
He is responding to commands:  thumbs-up for yes, thumbs-down for no.  At this point he is unable to speak.  Tomorrow he will have a swallow test.
A physical therapist visited today.  She worked his arms and legs.  She instructed me on some exercises to do with his right side.  She also sat him up in bed.  He was wobbly and couldn't support himself.  He got dizzy, too.  All of this is to be expected.
Sometime today he will be fitted for a helmet.  I told Colin we would decorate it with hockey stickers and put his number, 14, on it.
He half smiled at a joke I made this morning.  The right side of his face is showing a droop.  Similar to a stroke victim, but it was definitely a smile.
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Volume 4, Issue 22, Posted 8:33 PM, 10.16.2008