Colin Teets Update 10/17/08

Colin had a speech evaluation late yesterday. It seems he has some problems with receptive language. He is not understanding everything. He is mimicking, or copying, his responses. For example, he gave a thumbs-up when asked if his name was James, if the month was July, if the year was 1998 and if it was daytime. Obviously the only question he got right was daytime.

When the therapist asked him if he was five years old she showed her hand with all five fingers spread apart and he did the same. Then she hid her hand and asked again if he was five. He held up five fingers. She told him to answer yes or no, and asked a third time. He still held up five fingers.


The physical therapist and occupational therapist have each visited.

Yesterday he was helped to a sitting position in bed by the physical therapist. He is very week and holding his head up was a chore.  He got dizzy quickly. Colin has stretches to do while still in bed. His right side is moved for him, but he is instructed and guided to move the left side on his own. This tires him out. After a short session he sleeps for sometime.


A helmet was provided for him today. This will be worn whenever he is out of bed. It's not quite as cool as a hockey helmet, but it should look a little better when decorated with Warrior Hockey stickers. I don't think Colin likes it all that much. He did, however, like the Indians cap he received from his Great Uncle Ed and Aunt Jan.


The swallowing test did not take place today. It will happen on Monday. A feeding tube had to be inserted because he needs nourishment. The IV solution wasn't providing enough, and the doctors want his digestive system working. This really made Colin sad. You could see it in his eyes.


The Bi-Pap machine was discontinued this morning. To help with lung capacity Colin has to blow bubbles every hour. He tries very hard, but produces very little air right now.


I pulled out a pen and paper to see if this would help with communication. 

Colin was not able to spell his name. I modeled it and he copied it as best he could using his left hand. With a keyboard that the hospital has he couldn't spell his name either. He did appear to read some of his cards, but now I am unsure whether he understood or not. The attending physician advised not to be discouraged, but it's hard. He's going to have a long tough journey ahead of him.

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