LEAF Breaks Ground with Community Gardening

Webb Park immediately following removal of the sod by the City of Lakewood Department of Public Works.

After receiving enthusiastic support from Mayor FitzGerald, the Lakewood Earth & Food (LEAF) Community has officially broken ground at plots in Cove, Kauffman, Madison, and Webb Parks, as well as the Plover Garden in Bird Town, for its community gardening initiative in 2008.

Beginning last year with six plots in the Plover Garden, LEAF has expanded its efforts in community gardening to more than 130 plots across Lakewood, including about 20 at Cove and Kauffman Parks, 30 at Madison Park, and more than 50 at Webb Park. Plots are now available to the Lakewood community for a small fee.

These four new sites have been carefully chosen by LEAF board members and approved by the Mayor in order to appeal to a wide variety of residents, from west to southeast Lakewood. More specifically, they are located in the southwest corner of Cove Park, on the south sides of Kauffman and Madison Park, near right field of the baseball diamonds, and along the west side of the tennis court in Webb Park.

Each location has ample space for a number of 10' x 10' plots and leaves plenty of the park areas intact to allow for the continued use of baseball diamonds and playground equipment at the sites.

Aside from providing apartment and condo dwellers with green space and room to garden, community gardens have been shown to raise nearby property values, lower crime rates in adjacent areas, and provide hours of enjoyment to those who work them. They provide physical activity, camaraderie with neighbors, stress relief, and contribute to overall wellness. Gardening is a great platform for intergenerational bonding, provides a wholesome (and fun) activity for families, teaches children where food comes from, and improves the nutrition of participants.

Growing vegetables in community gardens can also help offset rising food prices and bring the community together in the process.

Applications for a garden plot are now available at both the Madison and Main Branches of the Lakewood Public Library.

To learn more about the LEAF Community and its community gardening initiative in Lakewood, go to http://www.leafcommunity.org or e-mail leafcommunity+gardens@gmail.com.

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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 6:39 PM, 05.22.2008