St. James 100 Years Old, LCRAC Brand New

Calling it “Lakewood’s Cathedral” Dever introduced a resolution congratulating St. James Church on its 100th anniversary. Father Kline of the parish said “the church building is important, but it is only as important as the people of its community.”

Michael Summers (ward three) then offered a resolution in support of military veterans. He indicated that this resolution would indicate Lakewood’s respect for the nation’s veterans and serve as a welcome for veterans to our neighborhoods. Summers said, “while we may disagree with the policies of how our Nation deploys its military, this disagreement should not manifest itself in a disrespectful manner toward the military forces themselves. We must not confuse the war with the warrior.”

Lakewood veterans Richard Healy and Frank Murtaugh spoke on behalf of the resolution. They pointed out a special concern about vandalism at the various armed forces recruiting offices.

Nickie Antonio (at large) then presented a resolution recognizing Dignity of Human Rights Pride week in Lakewood and extending congratulations to the Cleveland Pride Committee on their twentieth anniversary. Antonio said, “while we strive within our community to respect our differences and oppose discrimination, there is still much work to be done towards the goal of achieving civil rights for all citizens. Tonight we take this opportunity to recognize the many and varied contributions from members of the LGBT community that enrich our civic life as we work together to create a civil and respectful society that values the dignity and worth of all citizens.”

On hand to receive the resolution was Todd Saporito of the Cleveland Pride Committee. He took the opportunity to introduce several active members of the group and their partners.

After over a year and a half of work the Lakewood Community Relations Advisory Commission presented its bylaws to council for ratification. Acting as joint presenters on behalf of the Commission, Kyle Weigand and Lisa Shaffer-Gill read the mission statement of the group.

Mayor Edward FitzGerald sent a communication regarding the Sanitary Code, specifically high grass and weeds. He indicated that the administration will institute internal changes in the process for inspection, violation notice issuance, and re-inspection and abatement. Additional research will be done to strengthen the current ordinance which would include a fine for repeat offenders.

Planning Director Nathan Kelly then offered proposed legislation to amend the ordinances which limit expenditures to $7500 without council approval. Specifically, he wants the Mayor to have the authority to spend up to $65,000 without council approval so that if a property comes on the market the city can act quickly to purchase it. Kelly said this would augment the land banking program and current authority to purchase HUD owned properties.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00.

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Volume 4, Issue 13, Posted 1:38 PM, 06.22.2008