02.16.08 - Arrest Via Telecom 8970

Address: 11857 Clifton Blvd.

Business Name: Drake Apartments

Number of arrests: 1

Statue/Ordinance: Arrest via Telecom, Warrant 8970

Incident Report:

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Lt Warner Sir,

On 02-16-08 at 0234hrs Ptl Mullen and I were detailed to 11857 Clifton. The detail was in the parking lot of the Drake apartments for a suspicious male in a light blue mini van. When we arrived we saw SUB/DAVID RICKLES leaving the area in the listed light blue mini van. Ptl Mullen activated his over head lights and stopped RICKLES.

Rickles said he was invited by a female who lived in the Drake apartments to visit, but could not remember her name or apartment number. Dispatch advised that the complainant did not want to talk to us or be identified, saying that RICKLES did not enter the building but was looking around.

We asked dispatch to check his status and was advised that RICKLES had a warrant out of Cleveland Police Dept. for non appearance. The warrant was confirmed by Clerk Will and CPD unit 211 picked up RICKLES. The mini van was towed by Kufner's Towing to be held for owner. We checked the area and found nothing suspicious.

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