Colin Update 10/25

Colin and his buds during a visit

What a nice day for Colin. His morning was filled with therapy and his afternoon was filled with a steady stream of visitors. My guess is that his cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

Colin’s friend Nick brought him a big pair of lips – and I still keep laughing. If you’ve read Colin’s guestbook, Nick has advised Colin to run because his mom wants to kiss him and she can catch him now – hence the lips – and, I’m still laughing.

Ian, Chris, Jake and Neil came by for a visit, too (mom’s, included). Colin showed off a new typing tool that speaks and sat upright without help when asked to pose for a picture. I’d call him a ham – but he’s doing what I need him to do.

Noah and his mom kept us company for a long time, along with Aunt Chris, Uncle Mike, Connor and Emma. Great Aunt Noreen stopped in with Grandma Pat, and Grandma Judy and Grandpa Bob came for a visit, too. Colin played Trouble with Grandma Judy – what fun. Grandma Pat stayed late and watched Colin’s new video, Transformers.


The policy for visiting Colin is still open. You will not need to contact us to be added to a list. If you have any problems with getting in to see Colin, my cell is 440-724-7293, call and I will get you clearance.

Schedule week of 10-27:

For those that have inquired about visiting Colin during the week, his open times are as follows: Monday 2-3 and 4-8. Tuesday 1-3 and 4-8, Wednesday 2-3 and 4-8, Thursday 1-2 and 4-8, Friday 2-3 and 4-8.


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