Colin Teets Update 10/31/08

Colin as a ghost
Colin rode a bike today.  It was a big therapy tricycle, but he rode it – three times around the hallways of the hospital!  The work was done with his left leg, but Naomi said the motion in the right leg would send signals to the brain to help in recovery.  She opted for this exercise over the treadmill today; postponing it until next week.In OT Colin pedaled with his arms.  Same principle – he did the work with his left but put motion in his right arm to send signals to his brain.  She also had him leaning on his right arm and did joint compressions.  Colin’s favorite activity was with an arm skate, which looks like a strap on roller-skate.  It was strapped onto his right arm from the elbow down.  Julie helped him roll it across a table to hit balls into a bucket.  Colin was having a great time.  I must say that the therapists are good at making exercise fun for the children here.Colin was a ghost for the Halloween Parade.  All the children dressed up and went around the hospital collecting trinkets from all the different offices.  It was cute.  Colin’s roommate, Quenten, wanted to be a ghost, too.  I had to “borrow” another hospital sheet and cut a couple eyeholes for him, but it certainly was not a difficult costume to make.  Aunt Denise brought Colin a chicken-bacon-ranch sandwich from Subway for lunch.  He knew it was coming and was very anxious to leave speech therapy at 12:00 exactly.  Of course Lisa and I were busy talking about words and sounds for him to practice.  Since we were taking too long, Colin wheeled himself out the door, down the hall and into the rehab area all by himself! Paul came to spend the evening with Colin so I could trick-or-treat with Brendan, Megan and Kevin.  He brought pizza, wings and pop for the two of them.  Their plan was to hang out and watch a movie together.  When I was finished with the other kids I returned to the hospital to stay the night as usual.  I brought with me a huge bag of candy for Colin.  His Aunt Brandy dressed up and trick-or-treated for him.  He was wide-eyed in amazement when he heard.VISITATION:Schedule week of 11/1: Saturday 11/1:  therapy 8:30-10:30 and 11:30-12:30  Sunday 11/2 Free all dayFor those that have inquired about visiting Colin during the week, his open times are as follows:  Mon. 12-1, 2-4, 4:30-8;  Tues. 10-11, 12-2, 3-8; Wed. 12-1, 3-8;  Thurs. 12-2, 3-8; Fri. 12-1, 2-8
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