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You may have noticed that Lakewood's Firefighters have been extra busy these days. In addition to their normal duties of fighting fires, conducting medical rescue and fire safety education, the fire fighters have been hard at work fighting snow. With so much snow blanketing the town, fire hydrants have become buried and difficult to locate; so, the fire fighters have taken out their shovels and are making sure the hydrants are accessible. I imagine this activity falls within the purview of "hazard abatement" - another charge of the Lakewood Fire Department. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance... a maxim to live by, especially in the fire fighting and fire prevention business!  Thanks guys for keeping us safe!

Kim Yanoshik is a Lakewood resident who often wanders around town with a camera slung around her neck snapping photographs of whatever strikes her fancy. In June 2008, Kim joined a loose group of photographers around the world who post a photo a day of the town where they live as part of City Daily Photo ( Each day Kim posts a photo taken in Lakewood on of the people, places, and things of Lakewood which capture her eye. Recently, the Lakewood Observer approached Kim and asked her if she would share her quirky eye with the readers of our paper. You can catch Kim's Lakewood Daily Snaps @

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Volume 5, Issue 3, Posted 9:15 PM, 02.10.2009