Introducing the Principles & Practices of Tibetan Buddhism by Staff Writer

Westside Yoga Studio presents a series of talks and meditation practices introducing the principles and practices of Tibetan Buddhism. This is a progressive training program that will build each week from the previous week. Evin Bodell has been a practicing student for 12 years, studying the teachings of the well know Tibetan Master Chogyam Trumpha Rimpoche. Teachings are based on books, discussions, meditation practices & the life experiences of Trumpha Rimpoche, Pema Chodron and other teachers of this profound tradition. This program serves as a foundation for a series of monthly talks & teachings in meditation practices and principles from Mahayana Buddhism. "Metta"The path of Loving-Kindness and compassion for all beings. Students will be introduced to concepts and the practice of mindfullness awareness meditation called Shamatha -Vipashyana. We will practice both sitting and walking meditation as well as more conceptual techniques for developing loving-kindness, as well as the practice of working with and taming strong emotions.  

The Path of the Bodhisattva

Cultivation of Loving Kindness

The Six Paramitas

Guided meditation practices will be explored as part of every program

Three Saturdays, February 28th, March 7th,14th

1-3:00 PM

Pre-Registration: $45.00 for all 3 sessions

Due to the nature of this program and the techniques introduced you must participate in all 3 sessions in order to achieve the intended benefits of the teachings.

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Volume 5, Issue 3, Posted 9:15 PM, 02.10.2009