Dan Morgan: He’s Come A Long Way To Be Green

Dan Morgan was born in Lakewood in 1958 and is quick to admit that he hasn't always focused on sustainability. In fact, he tells about his childhood and the blatant disregard he had for environment: tossing pop bottles and cans out of their boat, while navigating the sludge; throwing toys and bikes over the cliff into the lake behind their Edgewater Dr. home; and watching the garbage trucks dump at Lakewood Park.

Let’s fast forward: Dan graduates from LHS and University of Dayton and moves to the Big Apple to begin a career in photography--nary a care to his wasteful ways. Dan’s mindset began to change after vacationing in Wales in 2003, where grass-fed farm animals, better public transportation and public trail systems throughout farmland were the norm. Ten years of city living pass before he began dreaming of moving from NYC back to Ohio, and buying property in the country--Ala “Green Acres.”

Dan and his wife Annette purchased an Amish farm in Ashland, across from an Amish family who taught them a great deal about sustainable living. And in 2007, Dan and Annette returned to Dan’s roots in Lakewood with a new environmental consciousness. They reside in the Carlyle, and have furnished their place with furnishings from Lakewood estate and garage sales. They recycle, vermicompost, and eat and shop local. Dan is active in E4S, Local Food Cleveland, Zero Waste Cleveland, Slow Food Northern Ohio and more. He recently hosted a screening of the film “Fresh, The Movie” at the Carlyle. He markets SweetLand Soils, 100% organic products, including SweetPeet, made from manure from local farms. Dan was instrumental in getting a donation of 40 cubic yards of SweetPeet for Lakewood Christian Service Centers’ community garden in Madison Park. He believes there is a strong connection between organics, nutrition, health-care and the economy.

What about the farm in Ashland?  The Morgans rent it out to “city folk” for “haycations“, complete with Nubian and Alpine goats, tended by their Amish friends.

For more information about the Morgans' farm and eco-friendly products, you can check them out at the following websites: MorganFarmStay.com, UrbanOrganicsOhio.com and AboutDanMorgan.com.

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Volume 6, Issue 6, Posted 8:17 AM, 03.24.2010