Eaters Of Lakewood Pepper's Restaurant

Eaters of Lakewood welcomed Pepper's Restaurant as their 9th event on Saturday, September 25th. Pepper's Restaurant is a neighborhood corner family Italian restaurant. Pepper's Restaurant has been open on the corner of Ridgewood and Detroit since 1999, and was bought by Bob Buck on Christmas Eve, 2008. Bob and his wife run the restaurant together in a high energy fashion, stopping to flirtatiously smile to one another while making sure that everyone is taken care of. The restaurant itself is the size of one Lakewood storefront with 12-15 tables, plus a side patio along Ridgewood with 4 tables, lattice, and twinkle lights. The décor seems a little cheesy, but it creates a home-like atmosphere. You feel as if grandma is making spaghetti and meatballs in the kitchen while you laugh and share wine with family and friends. All that the Lakewood Eaters heard coming from the tables of Pepper's were laughter and “mmm”'s.

The extensive Italian menu features classic's like Chicken and Veal Parmesan, Picatta, Rigatoni and Meatballs, Italian Sub's, fish, and pizza's. The fall's special feature is a grape pie, which left everyone melting into their seats with every delicious, warm, gooey bite.

This Eater's Of Lakewood proved to be one of the best and well-attended events to date. Join Eaters of Lakewood at Dewey's Pizza on Saturday, October 23rd, from 5-9pm.

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Volume 6, Issue 20, Posted 8:30 AM, 10.06.2010