Jeff Sobieraj: Mayoral Applicant

I am not seeking this office with the intent of running in the fall. My reason for applying to fill this position is very simple: I have a skill set that I have developed over the course of my professional career that I believe can help this city bridge the leadership gap in the interim period between Mr. FitzGerald’s departure and the next opportunity for the public to have its voice heard.   

In a 9 month period it is hard to envision sweeping change and new paradigms taking hold inside a city the size and scope of Lakewood. In fact, I would find it unfair to the constituency I would represent if I pushed a new agenda as an unelected official. My belief is that the person taking this position should prepare the city for a regime change in the fall. This person will need to manage costs, maintain the forward progress that the city has been making in critical areas such as public safety and continue to invest in assisting neighborhoods in providing to each other the grassroots, person-to-person support that makes Lakewood a superior place to live. I can help the city do this.

I have never served as a public official before. Professionally I have been a salesman and a negotiator during my career. The primary skills used in these professions are those that I find often lacking in government. First is the ability to listen, emphatically, to all parties involved. From there the ability to facilitate decision-making is at the forefront of my day-to- day job duties. 

My civic involvement to date has primarily been a leader in the Cleveland Area’s Young Professional community for several years. I’ve held a Board level position with Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club, the area’s largest young professional organization, as well as leadership positions with several other organizations in various capacities.

I have little personal agenda here other than that I am looking forward to making myself available to serve my community should the city council decide I can help them move us all forward.

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Volume 6, Issue 23, Posted 8:16 AM, 11.16.2010